Friday, October 19, 2007

What Will the Weekend Hold

Of course I'm talking about the Aggies you know. It is very likely that we could lose the rest of our games this season. It's one of those years in Aggie football. I know we're 5-2, which isn't that awful, but we still have to play Nebraska, Kansas (who is 6-0 and ranked in the top 20), Missouri (who is also ranked in the top 20), Oklahoma (need I say more), and Texas! UGH! Tomorrow, we travel to Nebraska. It's being called the "Distraction Bowl" with Nebraska firing their Athletic Director this past week after being creamed by Okie State, and A&M who is basically being coached by a "Lame Duck" coach. He knows he's gone at the end of the season, and so does everyone else. I'm not one to quickly point the blame and demand a coach be fired after a few bad seasons. But in this case, Fran did some kind of shady things that have gotten us in trouble with the NCAA, not to mention his performance on the field has been nothing more than mediocre and this is year #5. So I guess it's warranted. I don't really care. I JUST WANT TO WIN!!!!!!!! I don't really care who they hire...JUST WIN!

Will the Ags win tomorrow? I don't expect it. But we have a saying in Aggieland..."I've seen'em lose, and I've seen'em win, but I've NEVER seen'em quit! So Gig'em Ags. BTHO Nebraska!

I'm trying to stay positive. Aggie basketball starts in less than a month. See, I'm thinking positive!

And a few other picks: I pick Ohio State over Michigan State, Florida over Kentucky, LSU over Auburn, Missouri over Texas Tech, and USC over Notre Dame.

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Mel :-) said...

I am with ya on the coach thing...I don't care who they hire as long as we win!! I wasn't a Fran basher like most after some of our seasons with him. He has put the final nail in his coffin now though and it is time to say buh-bye. With our talent, funding, and facilities, there is NO reason that we sould be playing this badly. He can take Darnell with him!!
YAY on the W yesterday against Nebraska!! :-)