Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pray for Destinee

Real quick before Cary takes his computer back to work and I'm staring at the wall with bulging eyes mourning the loss of my beloved laptop...a quick but very urgent prayer request.

I teach 5th/6th grade girls in Sunday School and I have a little girl named Destinee in my class that was just diagnosed with liver cancer a few weeks ago. The doctors determined that a liver transplant was a must and she was put on the donor list recently while going through chemo in the meantime. I just saw her at church last night and she was so excited about our girl night at my house on Friday night. But it looks like she won't be here for girl night as they got a call early this morning that a liver match was available and she is in Gainsville right now for the transplant operation at 10 a.m. PLEASE pray for Destinee and her family. We are praying and believing for a perfect healing, that her body would accept the new liver, and that her body would be strong enough to handle this surgery. She just finished another round of chemo last week, so her body is a little weak. Please pray for peace and comfort for the family that has obviously lost a loved one, and that God would bless them for sacrificially giving up an organ for Destinee. And pray for Destinee's family. She has LOTS of siblings, 7 or 8, I don't even know exactly. This is a tough time for her family. Destinee is the sweetest little things. She's very small for her age, but such a cutie! Always smiling, and has such a sweet heart. She loves the Lord so much and has total faith that He will heal her. So pray for her ALL DAY without ceasing!!!!! I'll post an update as I get info (and as I have a computer in my possession!!!)


Lorri said...

I will make sure to keep her in my prayers. Remember cancer isn't resistant to prayers, I am living proof of that.

Kids and K9s said...

will be praying... ~ kim