Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Computer = Caput

My computer is caput, down, zilcho, nada, kabaam, not working. Well, actually that's not true. Everything works except the most important part...the internet! This really is blogworthy information....hang with me for a sec. It was running funny yesterday so I ran spybot to get rid of all the adware and such, which I do about monthly. And after running spybot, I could no longer access the internet. I have a connection, but my browser ain't browsin'! Which made me think running spybot may have messed up some of my internet explorer drivers. So I downloaded all the updates that were waiting patiently on my desktop. And then restarted everything and still NOTHIN'! If I could just get online, I could download the latest version of Internet Explorer and perhaps that would work. But I can't get online. So I've got to get my hands on a copy of an Internet Explorer CD and re-load it on my computer so that maybe just maybe my life can continue on as normal.

And the reason this is all blogworthy, well because I know you care about my happiness. But also because this means I'm at the mercy of my husband's memory when it comes to email and blogging. I will only have a computer when he remembers to bring his home from work. Can you hear me crying all the way in Texas? Because I am! I'm so used to having my computer on the kitchen countertop where I can just glance at my email every time I pass through the room. Spoilage! Dear Santa: I need a new toy! A speedy, silver, lightweight, shiny, speedy (did I mention that already) toy. I've been a really good girl!

On the bright side of this whole technology disaster in my home, I get to use my husband's computer, which I'm not usually allowed to touch, because it's like HIS BABY. It's a hunk a hunk of burnin' machinery y'all! It's a Mac and I LOVE IT...the light up keypad, and it's so thin an lightweight, it's FAST, and it's REAL purty! He has the mega machine because he uses it for video editing for our church. This is like what the real professionals use. I feel so honored! But I am required to remove all jewelry before using it (so it won't get scratched) and I have to wash my hands, you know, so my germy hand oil doesn't...I don't really know why I have to wash my hands. But I do. Because he said so!

So it may take me longer to reply to emails and such until I get my computer fixed. If I get it fixed. How many days till Christmas????


Becky K said...

I will be sure to try and send your hubby some "remember" thought waves to bring the computer home! I have never used an Apple iMac but everyone loves them. I always oohh and aahh over them at the stores....maybe Santa will bring you your own for Xmas - if so, I want pics!!

tales_from_the_crib said...

video info:
found the blog entry:
the how to add video through blogger is halfways down.
if you have troubles beyond this feel free to post back!

Stephanie said...

Check....check...is this thing working?
I'm sorry to hear about your computer. Now that it's down, you'll think of many things you need it for!

mom2iande said...

maybe you need a twinkie to match....maybe with aggies embroidered on the bag it goes in. hmmm....maybe santa will bring you one. my computer went out and i have been loving my mac since...takes a little learning, but so far so good.