Sunday, October 14, 2007

Growing Pains

Disclaimer warning: If you are not a mom or a grandmother, you will find nothing remotely interesting about this post. And you may even be a teeny bit grossed out.

Four years ago, my struggles involved spit up, like 20 times a day, projectile spit up, like 20 times a day, breast pumps, not getting an uninterrupted night's sleep, worrying about whether or not my baby would walk by her first birthday, and how to soothe teething pain. Four years later, the struggles have not gotten any easier. In fact, just when we thought things were getting a wee bit easier, these girls go off and start growing up on me. And the struggles are different, but anything but easy. With each passing day, we face a new set of "growing pains".

Lexi's growing pains go a little something like this. Friday night, she threw a monster fit because she wanted to sleep in panties rather than in a diaper. Well, listen, I'm all about that! It would suit my fancy just fine to buy one less pack of diapers each week, so no need to throw a fit, right? Sleep in those panties girl! Except that her diapers are like mega full by morning, every morning. Even though we've cut off her liquids after 7. And many nights, the diaper leaks which means I wash sheets like every day. And her baths are always in the morning or else she would just smell like pee all the time! So on Friday night, we let her fall asleep without a diaper and then I went in a few hours later and put one on her. When she woke up the next morning (with a full diaper I might add) she marched into our room, swung the door open, and yelled with her hands on her hips, "WHO PUT THIS DIAPER ON ME?" Cary and I were a bit startled, but we both cracked up! I told her it was me and that I did it so she wouldn't wet her bed. She said, "Mommy, I only teeteeed because I had a diaper on." Well, that sounded reasonable enough. So the next night, NO DIAPER! I woke her up at 1 a.m. and took her potty and Cary woke her up at 4 a.m. and took her potty, but she did it! The sheets were dry this morning when she got up. YIPPEEE! So maybe we're reaching a new milestone.

And then there's Ashton and her growing pains. She's out of her crib officially, still sleeping in Lexi's room on the fold out couch. She sleeps great at night, but now refuses to take naps. Which would be okay except that by 4 p.m. she is thrashing around on the floor in fit after fit because she's so tired she can't see straight. UGH! So naps are officially a thing of the past in this house. We do have "downtime" where the girls lay on their beds and watch a movie. But they never fall asleep.

But growing pains aren't all bad. Sometimes they bring with them a new found independence that we do enjoy as parents.

Last night, Cary and I were sitting on the couch together watching college football, and both girls came in the room in their jammies all ready for bed. I looked over at him and said, "Do you realize our kids are ready for bed and we didn't even leave the couch?" Lexi had changed Ashton's diaper and put her pajamas on her, then dressed herself, and they were coming to kiss us goodnight. WOWSERS! The day I've dreamed of!!!! They were so tired. They played outside for about 7 hours straight yesterday and then put themselves to bed.

This morning, we were running late as usual and I asked Lexi to help me out as we were getting ready for church. So she gave herself and Ashton a bath, washed hair, used conditioner, the whole bit. And while I got Ashton dressed, she dried herself off and dressed herself. Then she brushed her own hair and dried it all by herself. GLORY HALLELUJAH! And the Angels were singing!

I can honestly say, NO, I don't miss the newborn stage. I love havin' me some big girls. Even though we've always thought we would have three kids, with each passing day I think there's NO WAY I'd want to start over! Don't get me wrong, If God chooses to bless us with a third, I know He will give me the added strength and perseverance to take on the challenge. But for now, I'm just taking things day by day, growing pains and all.


mom2iande said...

we let ian wear a pull up to bed with special underwear over it (b/c i don't trust him..even though there are mornings he is dry). during the day, he wears udnerwear and takes himself to the bathroom. a urologist i work with told me you have to increase the elasticity of their little bladders....that makes sense when he said it...he has a little boy...he is saying take them often (which is what you were doing at night with lexi).

that is great lexi can get them both ready for bed and church. wow! i am impressed!!! ian does good getting himself dressed and that makes things that much easier. i await for the days they both get themselves ready.

it is fun watching your kids grow and meet new milestones....your tasks change with them, too.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Okay, forget it! Okay, forget it! The sleeping in panty thing is over already! Because she still refuses to poop on the potty, she holds it and last night she pooped in her sleep in her panties! Oooooo! I smelled it and sure enough! When she falls asleep and relaxes, it just comes out. It's happened before, but never in panties.

Oh well! Nice try!!!

Aggieland Mommy said...

Well, I read your update to sleeping in you didn't deal with enough pooh in the tub.

I'm totally impressed that Lexi is dressing Ashton as well as herself. And hcanging her diaper? You've hit the jackpot! Lauren has just started picking out her own clothes but yesterday morning she came out of her room, jammies off, ballerina outfit on. We were a little impressed since it goes on from the bottom to the top.

Mel :-) said...

I am with you- I'm loving the big girl stage!! Now that my Girls are 5 and almost 3 (just a few weeks!!) there is no way I would want an infant again!!! It is sad in a way that they aren't babies anymore but I just love how independent they are becoming. :-)