Saturday, October 27, 2007


Today we went to a pumpkin patch (FINALLY, YES I FOUND ONE, YEA) and then Lexi requested McDonald's for lunch and even though I thought it just may put my face in the barf bag, I caved to her request. When she got her drink, she started doing that really fun kid thing we've all done at some point in our lives...blowing bubbles with the straw. And here's the conversation that followed:

Me: "Lexi, stop, that's yucky!" (Although, I don't really care if she blows bubbles, but I had to say the mom thing, you know, cause people were watching.)

Lexi: "But Mommy, I'm playing the Aggie song (Aggie War Hymn) with my bubbles."

Me: "Well, then...carry on!"

Yup, I'm raisin' em right!

So my mom just called from Heaven, I mean The Holy Land, I mean The Promised Land, I mean AGGIELAND! She held up her cell phone so I could hear the Aggie band. WHOOP! When we hung up I said, "Yell loud and pray hard!" We need it tonight. Kansas is ranked #9! The former "walk all over us" team of the Big 12 is now ranked #9! CRAZY!

Gig'Em Ags. BTHO Kansas!


Ashley said...

I guess we can't complain too much about the game, we just got a little out scored! If only they would have given us a little more time, we could have beaten them.

I'm so glad she can play the Aggie War Hymn with her should be so proud! I know I would be!

Mel :-) said...

WHOOP! Go Lexi! That is so cute!! ;-)

Yeah...I was really hoping we could pull it out and win that game...if we had a few more minutes I think we would have!!