Friday, October 12, 2007

My Weekend Picks

Purdue at Michigan: Cary and I both pick Michigan

Georgia Tech at Miami, FL: Cary picks Georgia Tech, I pickin' the thugly group of Miami.

Alabama at Ole Miss: We both pick Bama

Okie State at Nebraska: As the Ags saw last week, the okies are NOT threatened by enemy territory. Nebraska is looking mediocre lately. We're both picking the Cowboys of OSU.

#25 Tennessee at Miss State: Ya ready for this? We're both pickin the DAWGS of Miss State. Who, who who who who let the dawgs out..

Texas A&M at Texas Tech: I'm picking Tech on this one. I'M KIDDING!!!! Of course I've gotta go with my Ags, but I have no idea how long it's been since the Aggies have won a game AT tech. I think it's a mental thing because tech is never really all that great, but for some reason they always beat us. I think it might have something to do with their style of offense vs our very weak defense, especially our lack of speed and toughness in the secondary. We can't seem to defend the high power passing game. But the J Train has guaranteed the aggie nation a victory tomorrow, and I believe in my boys. You've heard of "Remember the Alamo" well Ags, "Remember the Tortillas"...that should be our battle cry. Only Aggie fans will get that.

Washington State at #9 Oregon: We both agree that Oregon is overrated. We're going with Washington State.

#11 Missouri at #6 Oklahoma: #11??? Are you kidding me? Mizzou is #11. That has to be a misprint. The Okies will win big. And the tigers will go home with their #11 tails tucked between their legs.

SMU at USM: Sorry I couldn't resist those abbreviations. Teeheee. We're goin with USM...Univ of Southern Miss. Go Golden Eagles.

#22 Auburn at Arkansas: We both pick Auburn. They're pretty good at stopping the running game, which is about all Arkansas has.

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