Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cause I'm Bored...

And because I have NOTHING more exciting to write about tonight...

Describe each member of your family in one word:
Me: Perceptive
Lexi: Creative
Ashton: Cuddly
Candice (my dog): Beautiful
Mr. Baloo (my cat): Selfish

Now it's your turn! Either in the "comment" section below or on your own blog describe your family members in one word. Have fun!!! (And be nice!)


The Phams said...

Heather: Confident

Carri - Sensitive (did I spell his name right)?

Ashton - Petite

Lexie - Creative

Dog - Spotted

Cat - Hairy

How about us???

The Phams said...

Sorry - I didn't realize I used the same name for Lexi that you used. Okay, here goes again:

Lexi - FutureAGGIE

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Jess: That's so funny that you think I'm confident b/c that would be the last thing I'd say about myself. But, glad I come across that way nonetheless! Okay, here it goes!!!

John: Gatorguy

Jess: Babe-i-licious! (In a "girls can totally talk about other girls as being hot without being gay" kind of way of course!!!)

Parker: serious

Jaxson: funny (when I think of Jaxson, the sandbox story is what comes to mind!!!)

Ally: Maternal (I've seen her take care of her sis a lot!)

Avery: cuteasabutton (is that one word?)

The Phams said...

Really? You don't feel confident. It TOTALLY comes across that way! PTL!!!

Your perceptions are right on! :)

MIss ya...