Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Got Milk Part 2

Just a quick follow up...I went milk shopping last night. Borden is a Texas company, they don't sell it here. I checked their website. We normally pay around $4.00/gallon for our hormone filled milk at CVS, Walmart, or Sav a lot. That's definitely the cheapest. But at some stores, normal milk is as much as $6.00/gallon. Last night, I bought the organic Winn Dixie brand for $6.00/gallon but got a $1.00 off coupon at the register so that brought it down to $5.00/gallon which almost the price of non-organic milk anyways. We go through milk pretty fast at our house. We usually drink about 2 gallons a week.

BUT, technically even buying organic meats, cheeses, eggs, butter, and milk, while I know it's better for us, it will not eliminate the problem. Not that we go to Fourbucks, I mean Starbucks, like ever, but they do NOT use hormone free milk unless you request the organic version. There are lots of restaurants, in fact most, that don't use the hormone free stuff because it's usually more expensive. McDonald's and Starbucks were mentioned specifically in the article I read. This hormone problem doesn't stop at the milk. It's in just about every animal product. And get this, there have been NO LONG TERM STUDIES DONE at all on the effects it has on humans. NONE! It's completely banned in Canada and Europe. And even if you think you're drinking something safe like Borden, there's the whole antibiotic issue and the pesticides on the grass they eat to worry about. I just saw a news story today about how many people are dying each year from this "super bug" which is resistant to antibiotics and the reason it's even on the face of the earth is because of the overuse of antibiotics. And that starts with the antibiotics used to treat the animals that we're eating!!! SCARY!

I'm really not a health freak or anything. Honestly, it rarely crosses my mind. We're all gonna die evenutually and cancer or heart disease just seems inevitable no matter how good your genes are or what you eat! But for some reason, this whole issue really gets my panties in a wad!

OPRAH? Where are you???


The Phams said...

Oprah's too busy talking about her thyroid issues! :)

Milk is like $2 a gallon here. Super cheap. But cheese is $6 a block. Hope this changes helps you! :)

Mel :-) said... much to worry about!! :-o