Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Christmas Time, Pumpkin Time, & ....GIG'EM TIME???

Today I was cleaning house and doing laundry because that's what I do on the days that end in "y". Lexi was looking out the window, when outta nowhere she asked, "Mommy, when's it gonna be Christmas time?"
"About 5 months baby, " I answered.
Five seconds later..."Mommy, when's it gonna be pumpkin time?"
"In about 3 months darlin."
Five seconds later..."Mommy, when's it gonna be this time?"
I looked over and she was holding up her GIG'EM THUMB ya'll! Melted my maroon bleeding, Aggie heart like you can't even imagine.
I said, "Gig'em time?"
"Yes, Momma, Gig'Em time!"
"In about 30 days!"
"Yes Lexi?"
"I can't wait for Gig'Em time."
"Me neither baby, me neither!"


Monday, July 30, 2007

Gator Missionaries

I wanted to give some props (you didn't know I could talk "street" like that did ya?) to some good friends of mine who just left the states LAST WEEK to be missionaries in Lima, Peru. I can't even imagine how hard that would be. I mean, it was hard enough for me to move the the ENTERTAINMENT CAPITOL OF THE WORLD! They are in Costa Rica for a year in Spanish school and will be moving to Lima next August. And I'm gonna brag for a sec...I was the PROUD recipient of a phone call from Jessica yesterday. Uh, Uhm. And yes, I'd like to believe that I am the only friend to get a phone call cause then I'd feel really special. I enjoy reading their blog and she just posted pics of their house in Costa Rica on her blog, so check it out... http://phamilyof6.blogspot.com/ . I know they would appreciate your prayers daily. I'm sendin' some AGGIE LOVE your way Pham family (cause Aggie love is the BEST)...LOVE YOU JESS!!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

10 Random Things About Our Family

1. Cary would watch The History Channel 24/7 if I would let him! ( But I HATE the History Channel because it's so morbid and BORING!)
2. Heather would watch TLC and HGTV 24/7 if Cary would let her! (But he hates it because it's not the History Channel!)
3. Lexi sings like an angel and screams like a demon.
4. Ashton....well it's a good thing she's so cute because, well, it's just a good thing.
5. Heather walks 3 miles at 6 in the morning 3 days a week. I know, shocking right? I really do, I know you can't tell, but I do!
6. Cary is a junk food junkie. It's like a drug to him. "Hi I'm Cary and I'm a junkfoodaholic." He can't do it in moderation and he can't resist it. Which explains the amount of money we spent last year on his dental bills.
7. We rarely fight, but our first married fight was about Cary putting a plunger on the carpet in the bedroom. Isn't that sick? He still doesn't get it.
8. Today when Ashton got THREE spankings (within a 20 minute span) outside of a restaurant at lunch, she hit me back and honked on my nose instead of crying and pouting. Like I said, it's a good thing she's so cute!
9. Lexi has a multitude of imaginary friends. Callie has been with us the longest, about 2 years now. And when she wants to say a no-no word but doesn't want to get in trouble, she says things like, "Callie, don't say butt!" or "Callie, don't say oh my gosh!"
10. Our girls have never given a flip about Veggie Tales or Baby Einstein videos, but put on a video with talking animals, talking cars, or Princesses and they are hooked. Some of their favorites are Shrek 2, Air Buddies, Beethoven's 5th, Cars, Little Mermaid, and Beauty & The Beast, oh and how could I forget...Barney and Elmo! (Daddy does one heck of a Barney by the way!)

Look What Grew In My Yard!!!!

No, not the paci! (Although I wish!) That's just there to give you an idea of how big that sucker is! It's a mango...a huge juicy mango. It was YUMMO, we just had mango milkshakes. We have 2 large mango trees on the side of our house, 2 orange trees in the backyard, and a grapefruit tree in the front yard. I'm really lovin' all the fresh produce here. There are lots of produce places locally that have really great deals so I rarely buy produce at the store any more. Gone are the days of spending $1.75/ea for red bell peppers. Now I get them at a local produce stand for about $.60/ea. I'm not really sure why all of this is blogworthy information because LIKE YOU CARE but in 20 years when I look back at my blog pages from 2007, I'm gonna be like "Can you believe red peppers were only $.60/ea?!!!"

Friday, July 27, 2007

That's My Girl!

Last week when Granny was here, Lexi was showing off all her new knowledge like saying the Pledge of Allegiance (which she learned in Awana's at church...GO AWANA'S!!!) So Granny asked her, "What about the National Anthem, you know The Star Spangled Banner, do you know that one?" "Uh, sure Granny!" And then the glorious moment took place that makes me the proudest Momma ever. Brings tears to my eyes just tellin' this story again! All of my hard work is paying off... she sang, "Hullabaloo, Caneck Caneck, Hullabaloo Caneck Caneck. Goodbye to Texas University, so long to the Orange and the White. Good luck to dear old Texas Aggies. They are the ones that show the REAL OLD FIGHT. The eyes of Texas are upon you, that is the song they sing so well, sounds like HE**, so goodbye to Texas University. We're gonna beat you all to chigarigaroom, chigarigaroom...." My baby has known the Aggie war hymn since she was old enough to sing because you know it has always been a part of my night time lullaby ritual. That and Jesus Loves Me, the two greatest songs ever written! A fightin' Texas Aggie WHOOP to my future Aggie, class of 2025. You make momma proud!

Confessions of a Shallow Mom

Okay, I admit it. I'm brand concious. I know, shocker right? Brands do matter to me, despite the fact that I try not to think that way. And I don't believe God wants us to be that way because after all, in the whole scheme of eternity...WHO CARES??? But I was the ripe old age of 12 when I got my first Gucci watch, 14 when I got my first Gucci purse, then the Dooney & Burke and just recently the recipient of a gift from my mom, a Coach purse. It's only been since I've been married that I've been too dad-gummed poor to keep up with the brand trends. After all, the last purse I bought was $6 at Payless and I spent 15 minutes contemplating whether or not to even spend that. My last pair of sunglasses came from Walmart for $9.99. I was in torment over whether or not to get the $7.99 pair instead because after all I could use that $2 extra dollars on like, I don't know...BREAD! Oh but I do have higher aspirations, ya'll. I do! Oh, I dream of one day wearing those $50 Juicy Couture flip flops with the cute bow and charm that dangles from the toes. I salivate over the new Coach purse that's multi-colored at the top. And my latest obsession...the Chanel sunglasses that call my name from the Sunglass Hut at the mall. "Heather, Heather, you want me, you must have me," they mock! And why is it that I always pick the most expensive things? They are over $500 ya'll. Might as well put on my pajamas cause I must be dreamin if I think I'll ever own them. Tonight, a friend and I were browsing through a sunglass store at the mall and saw a 50% off sign. I found THE PERFECT pair of glasses, made me plum giddy. They had this chrome cross on the sides and I just knew they would be coming home with me and I really felt I could love them more than the Chanel ones that I will never be able to afford. So I asked the sales person to look up the price for me thinking they might be like under $20 bucks...are you ready for this...are you sitting down...OVER $900!!!!! The brand was "Chrome Hearts" and apparently it's all the celebrity rage...who knew! Oh well, at least I have good taste right? In the words of the Latino driver in San Antonio with these very large graffiti style words on the back of his low rider truck that was glowing neon green from underneath, "It's only just a dreams." Yes, it's only just a dreams my friends.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm tryin to win this contest ya'll

FINGERS CROSSED...I want to WIN!!!! This logo has to be posted on my blog in order to be eligible.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vacation photos

While Cary was in Honduras last week, Mom and Nanny came down and we took a 4 generation, all girl vacation. We went to the west coast of Florida near Siesta Key Beach. We rented a 3 bedroom house with a pool and ended up spending more time in the pool than at the beach. And brace yourselves people...you are about to witness a very noteworthy event. Uh huh...my 86 year old grandmother DOES own a swimsuit and for the first time in my LIFE, she actually wore it on our vacation. Yes she did, see for yourselves!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Honduras Report

Okay, so no pictures yet. But they're coming soon. Cary's pictures didn't turn out, some aren't even visible. He used one of those kodak disposable cameras. But as soon as I have pics, I will post them. I know this is a long post, but read if you're intested and if not, you can see the pics soon. Here's all the exciting info I've gotten out of him so far...

1. This was a level 1 mission trip, with level 3 being like hard core, so this was like easy shmeezy, fun stuff. They stayed in a resort up in the mountains about 20 minutes from the capital city. He said the resort was beautiful and felt very homey. It wasn't like an American "resort" but still nice and comfortable. They changed his sheets and comforter every day. I don't know why that was blog worthy information, but it just was. I'm a princess, what can I say! They ate like kings and queens and he said the food was AWESOME and very Americanized.

2. Our church sent 7 and another church sent 10, so along with translators and directors there were approx 27 in the group. And as a group, they lead about 300 people to Christ during that week...AMAZING!!!!

3. They worked at feeding kitchens, and did gospel presentations at schools (like that would ever happen in America), went to a drug/alcohol rehab facility, Cary preached at a church, and did lots of door to door street evangelism in the villages.

4. He said it wasn't "life changing" but it was definitely refreshing and a time of renewal. Working in full time ministry can definitely become more of a job and less of a spiritual act. It's really easy to become detached and numb at times to the spiritual aspect of this vocation as you take care of the details and daily work aspect. So this was a great time of retreat for him just to focus on the Lord and get his heart refocused. We all need that from time to time!!!!

5. One of the ladies that went on the trip told me this story because Cary would never brag about himself. When they went to the drug/alcohol rehab facility, they just thought they were going to hand out clothes and maybe pray over the people there. When I say facility, I mean keep in mind this isn't an American rehab facility. He said it was pretty bad and a little scary. These people come here as a last resort and hang out in one room that's like half the size of our house as they go through withdrawals. Anyways, as soon as his group walked in, all the men there started pulling up chairs and were sitting ready to "have church". He said they were so hungry for God's word. They needed hope. So the director asked our pastor if he wanted to say anything and he said "no" and he asked the pastor from the other church if he would like to say anything and he said "no" so Cary just chimed in, "I'll do it." And he said he has no clue what came over him, he doesn't even remember what he said, but at the end every hand in the room went up when asked if they wanted to pray to receive Christ. Everyone in his group said it was very much a holy spirit moment and obviously so if Cary doesn't even remember what he said. The lady telling me this story said all evening they kept telling him what an awesome job he did and how his words couldn't have been more perfect or fitting for that situation and he was like "What did I say, I don't even remember!" So obviously the Lord just used his body and his voice as a vessel to communicate to those men. I wish I had been there for that part.

6. Cary said every morning, the roosters would start crowing at 3:00 a.m. and a donkey would start heehawing at like 6. But the funny thing is no one ever saw the donkey. They called him the donkey ghost all week.

7. There was one scary event that happened when they were up in the mountains showing a movie one night. They used a big white sheet hung on the side of a barn to show a movie in a village and at the very end it started raining. The road down the mountain was VERY steep and made of clay so it was extremely slick. He said they all prayed all the way down, even the missionaries that had lived there for like 20 years were a nervous wreck and were freaking out about it.

8. OH, I can't believe I almost forgot this part. There is a law there that says if the brakes and the horn are BOTH out on your car and you can't afford to fix both, you get the horn fixed, not the brakes. Apparently a horn is more important than brakes! Seriously! He said the driving skills left a lot to be desired. They just drove fast and honked all the time.

9. The pastor's wife told me this story when Cary wasn't around. She said he was "phenominal" on this trip. I knew he would be, this is so right up his alley. Anyways, they gave out these transistor radios tuned in to a Christian station and when they would come in to the villages, tons of people would crowd around them. So Cary had like 20 people around the jeep as he was handing out the radios one day and he was sharing the gospel and they all wanted to pray to receive Christ. And at the end of the prayer, Cary just started crying and all the people were looking at him and each other like, "What the heck is wrong with this guy" and Cary said to the translator "They are tears of joy...tears of joy because I know I will see all these people again one day in Heaven." So they translator passed the message along to the people. The pastor's wife said they were all in tears when they left there and it was a very moving experience.

That's all I can think of for now. Pictures to follow soon, I hope!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Out of Touch

I'm so sorry to not have posted any updates on Cary's Honduras trip, but I've been out of town ALL WEEK since Sunday. I took my computer with me and low and behold, there was NO wireless service whatsoever. I even tried to find a Starbucks so I could go make a post or two and there weren't any of those either. I know, can you believe it? (On a sidenote, would you believe I have to drive 30 minutes to get to a Starbucks from my house? And we live in the city! It's not like it is in Texas where at any given location there are 5 within a 1 mile radius!!! Oh well, not like I can afford it anyways, but sometimes it's a nice place just to go sit, you know?) Okay, I'm done ranting. I've been at the beach all week with my mom, grandmother, and the girls. A four generation vacation! Anyways, Cary made it just fine and had a great trip. I've only talked to him for about 10 minutes total the whole week. He's on his way home right now. I'll post the details of his trip and pictures VERY VERY soon! And I'll also get busy posting our vacation photos too. As for now, I must get a shower, unwind, finish going through my 156 emails, take my family to eat dinner before Nanny goes into a diabetic coma, pick up my husband from the airport and shower him with love and kisses ALL NIGHT because I've missed him just a WEE bit! And by the way, 5 days without internet was almost more than I could bear.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

48 Days and Counting...

No, no, no, not till Cary comes back from Honduras. I mean that's an important event and all, but I'm talking about something WAY bigger and more exciting than that. Sorry honey bun...I DO love you to bits! I'm talking about AGGIE FOOTBALL SEASON people and before all you Aggie haters quit reading and click the "back" arrow on your toolbar, allow me to tickle your funny bone for a minute. Maybe it's because I've been on a country music kick lately (which reminds me of my days in The Holy Land) or maybe it's because my mom brought me a VERY VERY special gift today all the way from the Lone Star State...The Texas Football Magazine (cause you know they ain't got those in sweet tea country). And that magazine is BLEEDING in maroon coverage baby!!! I don't know what it is but I'm DYIN' for me some Aggie football ya'll! Despite our very tough road schedule (including a game HERE in Miami) I'm putting it all on the line and I say we take the Big XII this year. And NO, I'm not drinkin' the kool aid! I'm serious. I can't wait...I'm SO freakin excited I think my head just may fly off my body and do it's very own happy dance all the way to AGGIELAND! I've been on youtube all evening watching A&M videos that bring tears to my Aggie eyes and put a football sized lump in my throat. As if my maroon blood needed to get any more homesick!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Honduras Landing

In 12 hours, Cary will be in Honduras on a mission trip. I'm not so much concerned about security or terrorists, but moreso about way of life dangers such as the way they drive in the mountains on old buses with steep cliffs on each side, taking a shower without getting water in your eyes, mouth, or nose, and the big one everyone's been telling us about...the landing of the plane! Apparently, the airport is in between the mountains, so the pilot has to come over this tall mountain and make a hard turn and quick landing on a short runway. Cary was like, "I don't really see why that's such a big deal." To which I replied, "Then why are there 1640 videos on YouTube of planes landing in this airport???!!!" For some reason I can't get the youtube video to post here, but here's a link of a plane landing there...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

First Crush

Okay so my four year old has her first crush on a boy. Is that scary or what? Did I mention that she's FOUR??? His name is Adam and he's NOT four, more like FOURTEEN! Everything is "Adam this and Adam that, Adam, Adam, Adam..." He goes to our church and he is a cute boy, VERY well liked by all the young girls. Girlfriend has her some competition! So finally the other day I asked her to PLEASE stop talking about Adam because I've had my fill ya'll! So here's what she does. The girl is resourceful - "Mommy, what's that boy's name who threw the frisbee up on the roof?" "ADAM, his name is ADAM!" ...10 minutes later... "Mommy, what's Brooke's brother's name?" "ADAM, his name is ADAM!" ...10 minutes later... "Callie, (that's her imaginary friend) Mommy said not to say Adam's name any more! Callie, stop talking about Adam right this minute!" So when there's something she's forbidden to talk about, her imaginary friend talks about it instead. The girl's got smarts! Now, what does ADAM think about all of this? He's actually very flattered and very sweet about it all. When we told him he said, "Ah, that's so sweet." Then he walked over and gave her a big hug. And now every time he sees her he says something like, "Lexi, where've you been? I've been looking for you all day" or something really sweet like that. Now I'm left pondering this insanity wondering, IS THIS NORMAL???? Is it okay for our year old to have a crush?!!!?

Puppies & Princesses

Yesterday morning, Lexi asked me to help her put on her dress up costume. I went to the closet and got out her frilly princess dress. "No, No, Mommy, not that one. I want the puppy dog costume," she corrected me! Seriously? Was all I could think. What girl turns down being a princess for being a puppy? So I put on her puppy costume, which meant Trouble wanted hers too, I mean Ashton wanted hers too. For the next hour, they frollicked around on all fours barking, licking my legs (ICKY) and wagging their tails. Then Lexi said, "Now I want to be a princess mommy." So we all dressed up like princesses and lived happily ever after. The End!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ashton...God's Mighty Warrior

And now for a serious post, which is very UnHeather like...

I was handed a card tonight by a man in our church, a very Godly man whom I have such respect and admiration for. He's a man that, I knew the first moment I met him, had a very close relationship with the Lord. The card read, "Ashton-God's Mighty Warrior-Philippians 1:6." He said been praying for each person by name that would be attending youth camp (and my family's name was on that list) and last week while cutting the grass, God gave him a word about Ashton. So he wrote it down, thus the card he gave us tonight. Mind you, he doesn't know Ashton. He doesn't know the whole story about her CMV virus, how God's hand has miraculously been on her since conception, none of that. It gave me chills because I knew immediately it was confirmation of what I have felt all along, that she was sent here by God on a very special mission and she's going to do great things for His kingdom one day. Oh, the verse in case you're wondering says, "He who began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Christ Jesus." I was so blown away. It was like God may have just as well sent it to me in an email or a phone message. It was so clearly from Him because this guy didn't have any reason to think this about Ashton since he doesn't even know her "story". I have said this over and over and over again. There's always been something different about Ashton to all of us who have spent much time with her. Something exceptionally sweet, supernaturally given, and even at her young age, people are so drawn to her, even total strangers. She has a magnetic personality and appearance and people just can't get enough of her. God's going to use that quality for His glory, I just know. I can't wait to see what it is. Parents, our children don't belong to us. They are the Lord's children and He just loans them to us to raise. One day I will have to release Ashton back into His hands so that He can "complete His purpose in her" as the verse states. Ashton...small but mighty!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An Early Return From Camp

Okay, so all that excitement I had the other day about going to Youth Camp with Cary, IT'S GONE and I'm home (a whole day early!!!) We got to camp yesterday at about 5:30 p.m. just in time for good ol' camp food, remember those days? Hamburger steak, mashed potatoes, green peas, and flat coke! YUM! And after dinner, it happened...I got dumped! Yes, that's right. He dumped me with the kids to fend for myself. Now I do understand that this was technically a "work" trip for him. Although, he had no responsibilities at this camp because 1)He's not the "youth director" and 2)uh, he's not the "youth director"?? Does that make sense? He's the student pastor, birth-12th grade, but there is a paid "youth director" on staff. So he was really just going to love on the kids and support the youth director and basically serve wherever was needed. As was I, or so I thought. Unfortunately I must have been DELUSIONAL to think I could do that with a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old on my hip. It was an absolute train wreck in the making so I bailed before the derailment! After 2 hours the girls jumping on the beds, wrestling each other into head locks (which usually resulted in Ashton getting thrown off the bed), getting hit by a shoe (intentionally), and being laughed at while administering more than one spanking, I HAD MY FILL people, just 5 hours after arriving. So I packed my bags, loaded up the car, strapped in the wild Indians (yes I know that's not a politically correct term but get over it), and headed off into the night. I got 10 minutes down the road when I realized I didn't even leave Cary a note. After visions of hearing my name on the news as "missing" and a search party circling over head, I turned around to go back to leave him a note and that's when I got busted. He made me stay the night since it was, after all, 11:00 p.m. and I had a 2 hour drive ahead of me. So I "slept" in a chair b/c a bed of nails would have been more cozy than that mattress and I got up early this morning to drive home. And after 12 hours of being the mean, grumpy mommy monster I thought I'd better make up for all that insanity since my children will one day decide which nursing home I will live in. So I did the sensible thing...I took 'em to DISNEYWORLD! All is well in the world now. The natives are in their wigwams dreaming of mickey, minnie, and friends.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Camp We Go

Tomorrow, we leave for Youth Camp...YEEEEEHAW! No, I really AM excited, that wasn't a sarcastic yeehaw. Some of my favorite teenager memories were at youth camp. Now the added perk is that we get our very own room just for our family and conveniently we'll be just 15 minutes from one of my favorite FL west coast beaches. We're staying till Wednesday, so I won't make another post till Thursday. Ya'll have a great week. Did I mention that we'll be just 15 min from the most AWESOME, white sand, crystal clear water, beach in FL? I'm just a smidgin excited about that part, can you tell?

Minivan Mamas Out On the Town!

Friday night, a group of girls from our Life Group at church loaded up the minivans, kissed our babies goodbye, and headed out for a guilt free night on the town...a MUCH needed night I might add! Our first stop was at a paint your own pottery studio. I didn't want to spend much $$$ and those kind of places can get really expensive. So I chose this little tiny 4x4 in. tile that I could use as a coaster. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS LATER...I finally finished painting it and it was ready to be put in the kiln. LORDY BE! I can only imagine how long it would have taken me to paint something of a more substantial size like an ice cream bowl or a plate. GEEZ! But it was darn cute. When I get it back in a few weeks, I'll post a picture of it. Now all these girls spent like $20-$40 on their plates and bowls and were all stressed out about their lack of artistic abilities. (Although for the record girls...your projects all looked GREAT!) I on the other hand spent a whoppin SIX BUCKS and my little Aggie coaster was as cute as it could be. Yes, they were a WEE bit jealous! Such is the budget of a pastor's wife. So by the time we finished painting, it was 11:00 p.m. and some of the moms were a bit freaked out b/c they wanted to get home and go to bed or had to go feed their babies but being the party animal and night owl that I am, I suggested that one minivan take home the girls who needed to leave and the others go in the other minivan and finish our girl's night out in style! I mean, come on! How often do we get a night off with free childcare? Let's live it up girls!!! So we went to the Cheesecake Factory 5 minutes before they closed and they were kind enough to let us in. we all ate till we just about popped then sat and talked and laughed till we just about wet our pants and got home at 2 in the morning!!! We had a blast and I can't wait to do it again. One of the husbands told me today at church that when he woke up and saw it was 1:30 a.m. and his wife wasn't home yet, he started to get worried then remembered that the pastor's wife and me (the children's pastor wife) were in the group therefore he knew we couldn't be doing anything TOO wild. Now wait a minute...should I be offended by that statement?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

In case you're wondering...

NO WE DID NOT CONCEIVE ANOTHER BABY yesterday! If you're going, "huh, wha, say what?" Our kids were born on March 25 and March 26...you do the math! I did suggest it...I said, "Oh come on honey, let's try for a March 24th or 27th baby. That would have to be some kind of world record don't you think? But he wasn't buyin it. No fireworks in the bedroom yesterday, just the ones at Disney!


Well, happy 4th everyone! We did the ALL AMERICAN thing yesterday...we went to DISNEYWORLD of course. Is there anything more American than that? I think not! We also went to see the new Disney movie, Ratatouille. Cute movie, not so much a toddler movie, but older kids would love it. Ashton fell asleep halfway through. Lexi will sit and be mesmerized for anything as long as she has popcorn and chocolate in front of her. What can I say, the apple didn't fall far from the tree! Here are some pics of the girls dancin the night away in Pleasure Island waiting for the fireworks display.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Texas Sized Hair & Feet

You know what they say in Texas, "The higher the hair, the closer to Heaven!" She just crawled out of bed when I snapped this picture of her Texas sized hair. Oooo, sista...that's some nappy hair! But yummy sweetness nonetheless!

We keep saying her feet sure are growing fast, but not that fast, Ash! When she disappears from sight, that usually means she's either trying on Daddy's shoes or in the bathroom removing her own diaper to go potty (and before you applaud, I should tell you this usually results in poop on the toilet seat, her legs, the floor, and occassionally her hands). But hey, at least she tries to do #2 on the potty, which is more than I can say for her FOUR year old sister!!!