Thursday, October 4, 2007

Our Disney Day-Part 2

We're home from Disney World and this will be a quickie because I'm BEAT and can't wait to crawl in my bed. I already took my bath and have on my jammies, the girls are OUT, and that pillow is calling my name! But what an incredible day of family fun! There's nothing like watching your children as they are captivated by the magic of Disney.

We got to the Animal Kingdom when they opened this morning at 9 and went straight to the new Nemo musical that has been heavily advertised around here this year. It was AMAZING, like Broadway on steroids! The actors were not only singing, dancing, acting, and in their costumes, but they each held these amazing "ocean life on a stick"??? I don't even know how to descibe it! But the animals on a stick were ALSO controlled by the actors so they were making the ocean life's mouths open and close as they talked, controlling their eye movements, and giving the animal a sort of body language of their own all while singing, dancing, acting, and wearing their great costumes. We're talking like MAJOR multitasking! It was so good. WHEELS OFF man! And I'm sure my description is not doing it justice.

But that's kind of where the goodness ended at the Animal Kingdom. We tried to do the safari ride, but the wait was over an hour and the fastpass machine wasn't working. So we didn't do that. And walking to the safari ride caused us to miss the next Lion King show and the next show wasn't going to be till like 2, which we had already planned to be a the Magic Kingdom by then. So we rode the train over to the petting zoo area and my girls kind of liked it, but there were only goats! So not like an abundance of excitement there because I mean, what do goats do...really. And the whole time we were at the Animal Kingdom, Lexi kept asking, "Where's Mickey and the Princesses and the castle?" Okay, so we got the hint and headed to the Magic Kingdom around 1ish. And then I had me some HAPPY girls!

They came to life when we got there! We were able to do a lot in about 4 hours time there. I think we rode 7 rides and went to 2 shows. That's a lot for Disney, you know? Cause 3/4 of your time in the park is usually spent in line. My husband calls it Disney Wait instead of Disney World. And it was still like Africa hot, so I now have a massive headache despite the 10 thousand bottles of water I drank today!

I don't think we're going to Universal tomorrow after all. Mainly because I think that just might put me over the edge! Not sure my family we can take that much excitement in one week, you know? I don't know how you vacationin' people do it, going into the park like day after day for a whole week. It's way more exhausting with kids I think. Pushin' that big ol' honkin double stroller up hills and over curbs and maneuvering through people traffic, and carrying babies around on my hip because the stroller got wet in the rain and they didn't want to walk, GRACIOUS! It was a work out! AND THE HEAT! But another reason we're not going to Universal is that we ended up spending a whoppin $56 bucks today! And that's a lot for us. We're not spending kind of people! I mean, do you know how much children's pastors make? That's like our entertainment fund for a month! We took a ton of bottled water and juice, and we packed a lunch and some snacks. But we ran out of drinks by 2 p.m. and Lexi wanted a Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream, which meant the rest of us had to have one too. Then we were too exhausted when we left the park to come home and cook, so we ate out. Thus the $56! I know if we did Universal tomorrow, we'd spend that much again. So we'll save that one for another pay period. But man, what a blessing to be able to take a family of 4 to Disney World for $56, you know? Most people pay more than that for 1 ticket! So not bad for a day's worth of fun and family memories.

I will try to get my pictures posted soon so you can all see what you missed out on, I mean, so you can all see how much fun we had while you were stuck at home, I mean, oh forget it. I went to DISNEYWORLD y'all (for $56 bucks!)


Ashley said...

I am really jealous. My best friend, who was also my roommate at A&M, is at Disney World right now. They have been there since last Saturday with her family. Which includes her 1 year old triplet niece and nephews.

Too bad you didn't get to go to the Lion King show. My husband was a gymnast at OU and some of his old teammates are in the Lion King Show.

Aggieland Mommy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I think you just confirmed what I already thought, if we're paying, take the kids when they are out of the stroller, at least the double stroller. I saw the Nemo show featured on the Travel Channel. It looked pretty neat. I'm glad you had a great time. If you're still there, we'll bring the kids right before the youngest turns 3. Have a great weekend! Can't wait to see the pics.

mom2iande said... are really making me want to go soon. funny about the $ and animal kingdom. did you ride mount everest or primeval whirl???

i can't wait to take ian and elise next year. they are begging to go daily!!!!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

No, we really just did the Nemo show. The lines were long at the animal kingdom and we were trying to rush through to get to Magic Kingdom b/c everything closed at 7. So we were trying just to do the kid friendly stuff.