Saturday, October 13, 2007

There's POOH In My Tub

And when I say "Pooh" I'm not talking about the friendly, yellow, round Disney character. I'm talking brown, stinky, what we ate yesterday sewage! One of the many joys of living in a very old house that has been added onto (several times) is that the plumbing does not exactly meet today's standards. It doesn't help that the additions to the house appear to be home handyman specials at best. Cary says it's almost as if a guy like him said, "I think I'll build a new bathroom this weekend!" We've had "issues" the entire time we've lived here, such as not being able to do #2 in one of our! And keeping the plunger within quick reach outside our back door because it gets used about every other day. But today, we noticed that the water would not go down in the shower. The toilets would not go down when we flushed. And then all the sudden there was bubbly sewer gas making popping noises in the bathrooms and then the sewer line backed up IN MY TUB! Cary said, "Don't use the bathroom until Monday when I can get someone out here." Yes, he really did say that. And I'll pause while you absorb that statement. It's Saturday. Don't use the bathroom till Monday. Gee, okay honey. I'll just pee in the backyard with the dog! ???? HE WAS SERIOUS Y'ALL! Serious as a heart attack.

So I was trying not to sound like a smarty pants but I said, " know...plumbers do work on the weekend. Don't you think you could call one?" Anyways, so here we are. 2 hours of roto rootering later. And the shower is still not going down. I think the toilets are usable. But my tub is still full of pooh. And toys. Can you comprehend the disgusting complexity of all that entails? Can anyone say "BLEACH?" And then bleach again? And then more bleach? I am so yucked out right now I can't even think about football. Which by the way my Aggies play in just a few minutes.

Speaking of pooh...I hope the Ags beat the ever livin' POOH outta Texas Tech!



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sniff...we losted!

Aggieland Mommy said...

Oh my goodness, I think I would just die. Bleh!