Saturday, October 6, 2007

All is Well in the Universe

All is well in the universe because my AGGIES WON and Texas lost (2 weeks in a row!) Let's see, that puts us in FIRST PLACE in the Big 12 South, and Texas is DEAD LAST! Oh, I love it! If there were a camera on my laptop right now you'd see me doin' a happy dance while eating a celebratory flavor pop (grape because that's the closest color to maroon in flavor pops!) My mom went to the game tonight...I'm jealous. We've done absotootly nothin' today but watch college football and cook and eat and eat and eat. Cary made homemade salsa and guacamole today and then we grilled out some fajitas. Delicioso!

The girls have both said and done some really cute things today. This morning we were watching ESPN's College Gameday and someone on the show said, "What about it?" A common phrase meaning, you know, tell me more, or what do you mean. Lexi asked, "What does it mean when they say, 'what about it?' " So I did my best to explain and use it in an example. I could tell she was eager to use her new phrase, but was saving it for just the right moment!

So at dinner tonight she said, "Mommy, say sumfing (something)."


"What about it?" She said and then just giggled giggled giggled.


A few minutes later, Ashton birped at the dinner table and for the first time ever in the cutest little tiny voice she said, "Excuse me." It's so sweet to hear her talk. She's just so tiny and so darn cute, you don't expect big girl words to come out of those itty bitty lips. The sweetness of her voice saying those new words in her vocabulary made me forget about the groadiness of birping at the dinner table. Cause we live in America where it's not a compliment to the chef!


After dinner, I was watching the Aggie game and Lexi was sitting on my shoulders combing my hair and she said, "Mommy, I want black hair like yours." Mind you, I pay BIG BUCKS to be blond, so for her to say I have black hair is like totally not comforting to me.

"What do you mean honey, I have blond hair like yours."

"No, mommy it's black. When I get big can you take me somewhere to get my hair black? I want black hair."

Now it doesn't bother me that she wants black hair. What bothers me is that she called my hair "black". I wouldn't say my roots are black, but they are that mousey brown/dirty blond color that's just blah blah blah which is why I get highlights. But they are NOT black! Oh well, she's 4! To her, hair is either black or blond.


tales_from_the_crib said...

i thought the longhorns were tied with baylor for dead last...but either way, we're happy :)

Mel :-) said...

I was sweating during the game, that's for sure!! SO glad we won in the end.
That is so funny, what Lexi said- it sounds like something my Girls would say. Brooke said once, about my highlights, "Mommy, I like your stripes!" Made me feel like a zebra! Kids are funny! :-)

Lisa said...

All I have to say is WHOOP! I'm so siked that we are NO 1 in Big 12 south! So exciting!! Hoping to have a good weekend at Tech.