Monday, January 14, 2008

What Did You Do This Weekend???

We had a jam packed weekend, as usual. Cary "performed"/"preached" his first funeral this weekend. Interesting! It wasn't anyone we knew, but an older woman that formerly attended our church prior to us moving here. She had been ill for the last 15 years. So Cary spent the morning putting together an order of service and burning a music CD for the service. Then after the service, he went to the reception. So he was gone from 9 a.m. till about 6 p.m. which meant it was just me and the girls all day. We enjoyed the nice warm weather and played outside most of the day. That evening, we watched football and I helped Cary rehearse his lines for Kidzchurch. Their Kidzchurch series right now is about a nutty professor (played by Cary) and his android assistant in search of a way to win the Plutonium Award. In his search for pure genius, he learns many lessons about the pure genius of God. It's really funny and Cary plays the PERFECT nutty professor. Sunday, he was gone to work by 4 a.m. which is kind of his normal time to get to the church to get ready for Sunday mornings. After church, my little partner in shopping crimes, Lexi, and I went on a little shopping spree, thanks to GRANNY, thank you Granny! (Shopping is good for my soul...and my PMS!) I got the girls a few more winter outfits. We went to the outlet mall. They have a Gymboree store there where I always find great things for Lexi. Then I got Ashton a cute outfit at Baby Gap and some super duper cool jeans from Tommy Kids. Lexi begged for coffee from Starbucks. GEEZ...4 going on 24! So we went to Starbucks and sipped on our coffee together and had a nice little chat about, you know, 4 year old dolls, lizards, and boogers of course. Then we got home and watched the HORRIBLE Cowboys game (BOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO...I'm still wiping the tears) and then I went walking with Milinda. We walked a little over 3 miles. When I got home, I practiced my Kindermusik songs because I had a voice test today over the phone! And I passed! YEA! I mean, let's just say she didn't say I should be a professional singer or anything, but I passed! And that was our weekend, in a nutshell.

And now I must go change poop in da pants! (Not mine, Ashton's!)

What did you do this weekend?


Mom2iande said...

I don't know why, but the talk about boogers just cracks me up. Ours fart and look at each other and giggle and both claim it.

The Phams said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. :)

Sorry I don't comment as much lately - we are just sooo busy.

Anyway, Friday night - dinner. Sat-a kids' museo - Sat. night - a kid that was vomitting - sunday, more vomitting and school today! :)