Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sweet Ashton

She absolutely melted my heart tonight. I was pointing at body parts like head, nose, ear, tummy and making her say them because I'm trying to work with her on her ending sounds. So I would point at my head and say, "What's this?" And she would say, "Head" and so on. Cary held up his thumb, expecting her to say "finger" or "thumb" but she didn't.

Are you ready???

She said, "AGGIE!!!!!!"

And if you're not from Texas or don't know this, the thumbs up is the gig'em sign, which is the Aggie's hand signal.

So the thumbs up sign only means AGGIE to her, not "finger" or "thumb" or "one" like a normal child. Because I don't raise normal children! I RAISE AGGIE CHILDREN....WHOOP!!!!!

Melted my maroon bleeding Aggie heart!


Ashley said...

Gig 'em!! You're raising your children exactly how you should. YOUR children are normal...all the other kids out there who would have called it a thumb, now they have something wrong with them!

tales_from_the_crib said...

i've got two aggies then...
one on each handable!

mom2Iande said...

that is hilarious!!!!!

Mel :-) said...

Love it!! :-)