Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lexi Update

Thanks chick-a-dees for all your words of wisdom and prayers! We did take Lex to the doctor today and she was SUCH a trooper! The doctor had to peek at her privates (thankfully it's a female doctor) to make sure there was no irritation or anything and she said everything looked totally normal. Then she had to pee in a cup, that was a thrill a second! Kidding. She did great. She got her finger poked so they could check her blood sugar and it was totally normal (and my big girl didn't even cry!!!) The urine specimen showed "a trace of bacteria" but that doesn't mean she has an infection. Apparently, if there is a trace of bacteria, they send it off to the lab to be cultured and we will have the results on Monday. She sent us home with antibiotics and said to go ahead and start her on them, and that if the culture comes back negative then she can stop taking the antibiotics. She did ask Lexi a series of questions like, does your tummy hurt, does it hurt when you go teetee, do you have trouble going teetee, etc and she said no to everything. She didn't have any fever. The doctor thought it was strange that she can hold it at night, but have accidents during the day. That doesn't line up with an infection. So we will know something on Monday. She offered no possible explanations as to how to correct it if it is behavioral or why it could be happening if it's not infection related. So ???? Who knows!

Ashton is NOT potty training. Although, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" right??? Philipians 4:13. Ashton is totally capable of being potty trained. She does sit and go on the potty all the time, #1 and #2. But she's an absolute toot about it. She plays in it, she washes her hands until there's a stream of water coming out of the bathroom, she uses up a whole pumper of soap in 2 days time, she poops then refuses to let me wipe and instead slides off the toilet seat leaving poo all over it and then sits back down on it and slides her feet across it (????not sure how one could accomplish this but she does), she wipes and gets the toilet paper half way in the toilet water then brings it back up! Oh, the list goes on and on. And I know what you're thinking..."So why aren't you helping her mom?" Well, because MISS INDEPENDENT will have no part of that. I take the soap away and she errects a wall to climb up to get to it. I try to wipe her myself and well, let's just say, the mess is even greater in the process of me fighting with her. It's a nightmare. So I'm just waiting. She'll be 3 in March. There's time. She's a bit mischevious to say the least. Good thing she's so cute! Teeny tiny body, BIG HUGE personality.

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mom2iande said...

I still say....BRIBE THEM....with DISNEY. Do it and you will feel better and they will work hard for those kinds of bribes.

I am just kidding!