Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lexi's Latest Science Project

Lexi found her bug habitat today hidden under a pile of princess dress up clothes (what else) and decided she wanted to go outside and catch a lizard to go in it. (Yes, my PRINCESS catches LIZARDS...GRODY!) The only problem with that plan was that it's been like 30 below here the last two nights, therefore survival of the fittest has probably kicked in at this point and our once thriving lizard metropolis in the backyard is now nothing more than a lizard graveyard, at best. Okay, well maybe not 30 below. But 30 something. Very UNFlorida like, I might add. (And yet I'm STILL wearing flip flops.) But back to the lizards. This morning when I took Candice out, I noticed there were several lizards on the driveway either dead, or de-thawing. Either way, there were frozen in their tracks. I almost stepped on one and he didn't even flinch. So all afternoon, Lexi wouldn't let it go about catching a lizard for her habitat and I said what I always say when I'm trying to avoid the inevitable, "Wait till Daddy gets home!"

We both tried to explain to her that she would have a better chance of finding gold in the backyard than to find a live lizard with the weather being so cold. But Cary took her out there anyways, and they found this lil' fella instead. His eyes were rolling back in his head, his fingers were black and shriveling by the second, and he didn't even try to get away from them. I said, "Maybe he wants to get caught so he can come inside and warm up!" Well, he got caught alright and is now livin' the good life in this nice warm ICU, I mean "ACU" (amphibious care unit) we have set up for him. He's jumping again, so I think his vitals are looking good. Lexi is very proud of how she has "nursed" him back to health. By nursing him back to health, I mean NOT shaking his habitat and tapping on the sides for, oh, at least 10 minute intervals. Now I just need a picture of her dressed up in her princess clothes HOLDING this frog.

And when he's all healthy again, I think I'll take him up to Petsmart and sell him. I was in there yesterday and did you know they sell lizards and tree frogs for like $15 bucks??? My yard is LOADED with both. I'm thinkin' I'm livin' on a small fortune back there! There's at least $75 bucks worth of tree frogs attached to my window screens every night!

Who needs the Disney Animal Kingdom???!!!


Ashley said...

I bet you're freezing there with the weather in the 30's. You better get some snowpants out for the girls!!

I had heard on the news it was pretty cold in Florida and I thought about you and your flip flops! Glad to know the weather is not holding you back from wearing them!!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Check me out...I finally posted a picture on my profile. Heeheee!

Mel :-) said...

Who knew you could sell frogs and lizards to the pet store!?! That sounds like it would work out perfectly for Lexi- she could satisfy her reptile/amphibian hunting desire as well as make a few bucks for mama! ;-)

tales_from_the_crib said...

oh, cool!
mom, can i haves a froggie?

mom2iande said...

that is funny about the lizard icu. little lexi saving all the reptiles. funny.

i admit -- i love the weather there. it has been nice in Texas, but I could live there easily and go to Disneyworld all the time.