Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Can I brag for just a sec???

Of course this post will require that I be sitting near wood so I can knock on it when I'm all finished. And this is BY NO MEANS an attempt to make anyone else feel like pond scum. Because God knows, most days, I'm functioning at just about that level myself!

But my children have not been to the doctor since FEBRUARY! Which means...TOTAL PICTURE PERFECT HEALTH for them and I couldn't be happier! And may I add that they were FORMULA FED (GASP!) Now, Cary is sick at least once a quarter, but as for me and the girls, we haven't had a cold or cough or any snotty stuff since February...that's almost a WHOLE YEAR! YEA!!!!! In May, Lexi had her last episode with asthma due to the smoky haze in the air because of the wildfires in Georgia. But that's it. She used her puffer one time on our trip to Texas back in August, and I haven't used it on her since.

Want to know the secret to keeping your kids healthy??? Well, first of all before you say, "They don't go to daycare," you're right. But they do go to the church nursery for an average of 6 hours a week, sometimes more than that, they both go to preschool (Lexi 3 days and Ashton 1 day), we take them to the park and indoor playgrounds weekly, they sit in those germy carts at Walmart, we share straws and plates as we do eat and drink after one another OFTEN, so we're defintely not living in a bubble by any means! But I truly feel like GERMEX is the key! I go through a big bottle a week! And I know the doctors say not to, but it works! I will frequently walk into the nursery or their preschool classes and see kids who are snotty and hacking away and I'll think, "Oh no, here we go. We're all going to be sick by the end of the week!" But nothin'! And just recently hand/foot/mouth disease AND lice went around our church nursery and my kids were probably there more than any of the kids that got it and I thought SURELY they would get it, especially Ashton who still puts everything in her mouth. But they didn't! Now I know lice is not an immune system thing, but I just threw that one in there for kicks!

The second key is to NOT eat so healthy. Apparently preservatives maybe form a layer of protective coating around your insides keeping the germs out. That's just Dr. Heather's theory, for what it's worth...heeheee. Vitamins are essential! I always let fever do it's thing unless it gets above 101. Then I medicate. It's you body's natural defense. And we made a $50 investment months ago that has been worth $500 in medical bills I would estimate. We bought the hypo allergenic protective coverings for their mattresses and pillows. They eliminate the dust mites, which I think was the reason for 90% of our snottyness. That was the best investment we ever made! I also got rid of Lexi's comfortor. I think that was another leading contributor to the problem. She does take Singulair, but a year ago even on Singulair she would still get snotty every once in a while. I'm going to get her through the winter and then talk to the doctor about taking her off Singulair because I'm just not sure she even needs it any more.

And now I must go knock on wood because someone is BOUND to get sick now that I've bragged!

Ofcourse tis the season! So I fully expect for someone to be sick from now till about late March. But if I can keep them healthy for 9 months out of the year, who cares! That's awesome!!!

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kathryn evans said...

This is truly an amazing feat(sp?). I like the pillow and mattress cover idea. I will have to check into that.