Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Today was election day in FL, the presidential primary. And I'm all about exercising my right to vote! So I voted for Hillary. I'M KIDDING! Would you still be my friend? I have no "like" in my heart for her, but come on, give her some credit. She DID, after all, remain married to her fleabag husband after he cheated on her. Oops, did I say that? The pastor's wife? Okay, but seriously, would it really be ALL bad to have a woman president? I didn't vote for her, by the way. I voted for Huckabee. Who is in 4th place in FL, so as you can see, my vote really counted. But my children saw me vote, that's what's important here! So back to Hillary, think about this gals, I want to think she may have our backs on some things when it comes to "domestic" affairs. Like, say, making cosmetics tax deductable?? Yeah, that's gonna happen. Okay, maybe SHE can balance the budget. I've said all along that those politicians really just need to turn the budget over to a WOMAN, but not just any woman. A woman who has been a stay at home mom and lived on one income. A woman who has had a garage sale every six months to PAY HER BILLS! (Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, had to sell the t-shirt in the garage sale to FEED MY FAMILY!) A woman who sits in the floor every Sunday evening cutting coupons until the circulation in her legs is totally cut off but she STILL keeps cutting just to save a few bucks! A woman who has bought non-brand formula to feed her baby because she couldn't afford the name brand. A woman who risks her life drinking tap water because bottled water is a luxury she can't afford. A woman who has driven a mini-van with no a/c in THE SOUTH with her 6 children hanging their heads out the window to feel some breeze because she couldn't afford to get the a/c fixed. A woman who has cut off the sides of the carseats in order to get 3 carseats to fit in the back seat of her car (I really know someone who did this). Yes, a woman like that could balance the budget I tell you! I could go to town on the federal budget. As could many of you. "Private jet? Son, you can walk for all I care, we ain't payin for no private jet." "Did someone say 1200 thread count sheets? No, no, no, the 400 thread count from Target is purely delightful!" Seriously. Okay, so that woman probably would not be Hillary. But this country does need more women in higher places. We could get things turned around in a jiffy!

Well, I gotta run. I need to go find a way to get my name on that presidential ballot.


justgottalaugh said...

Did you see us while we were in FL? Six kids, no A/C!!!

Kristi said...

You make me laugh! Yeah, Hillary would not be my first selection as a woman leader. Maybr it should be you!

Vote Heather 2008! A vote for Heather is a vote for a tax deduction on cosmetics!

tales_from_the_crib said...

i would like to resign and throw my supportables for candidatedness behind heather!

Anonymous said...

Heather for President in 2012!!! Start now with with your campaigning, Heather! An Aggie for President would be pretty cool!

Heath and Jennifer

Anonymous said...

I think you or Ann Coulter would be my two top choices. If it is a guy, though, I want Ollie North.
DaDa G