Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ashton's CT Scan-Part 2

Well, it's over...PRAISE THE LORD! This one was worse than the MRI, as far as handing her over and her waking up. I had to hold her hands down while they put the mask on her face and stand there and listen to her scream through the mask. I kept saying to the anesthesiologist,
"Why is it taking so long, why isn't she asleep yet?" It was awful! And I was trying to hold my breath all at the same time because the mask was right next to my face, as I was holding her and I could smell the gas and I was so afraid I was going to pass out while standing there holding her and she would fall out of my arms! They sent me to the recovery area to wait, which I thought would take about 10 minutes, but 40 minutes later, I heard my baby screaming in the back! I asked if I could go back there and they wouldn't let me. I guess I kind of understand that they don't want the parents around when they are coming out of anesthesia and watching their vitals real close, in case something were to happen and they had to "get to work" on her really fast. So they don't bring the parents back until they know for sure everything is okay. But as soon as I walked back there, she started crying again, even harder! She still had the IV in her arm and the things on her chest that monitor their vitals. She was pulling at it all, like "GET THIS THING OFF OF ME!" They let me hold her while they took everything off and they cautioned us to not let her "ride a skateboard or roller blade today". I was like...She's TWO! We left and went to Boston Market and got the yummiest mac and cheese in the world after her long fast! She hadn't been able to eat since 3 a.m., which was during the night, she really hadn't eaten since 10 p.m. the night before and was 2 p.m. by that point. She ate the WHOLE BOWL of mac and cheese and I don't think she stopped eating the rest of the day! She had 2 bowls of taco soup for dinner, a bowl of chips and guacamole, and some yogurt. Her belly was about to pop!

But all in all, she did great and it's over! And I hope that's the last test EVER we'll have to go through! At least while she's little! When we got home, Lexi wanted the same kind of bandages on her arm that Ashton had on hers, she wanted the sticker on her chest (the thing they use to snap on the heart monitor), and the hospital bracelets. I gave her my bracelet and Ashton GLADLY handed over the chest sticker! She's so funny!


Anonymous said...

Geez- I know that is sooo hard. I am glad it's over for you and Ashton!

to reply to your message on my blog- i think i did send you the picture of all kids in the plaid to turn to b&w. If i didn't, i will. Love ya!

mom2iande said...

i know you are glad to have that over.

seems like since she is younger, they would have put her early. if the girls need anymore nurse play equipment, let me know and i will get it to you...masks, gowns, gloves....

Ashley said...

Oh, give that pretty girl ANYTHING she wants today. She deserves it! Poor baby, and having to listen to her scream, I don't know if I am strong enough to handle that! They would have had to call security on me because I would be pushing EVERYONE out of the way to get to my baby! I would have proved I could scream MUCH louder than my child in the back!!

Mel :-) said...

Glad to hear that the testing is over for now!! Wonderful to hear that she did so well!! :-)

Anonymous said...

My poor Ashton, I wish I could have been with you guys.

I went through the same kind of scenario with you. You had bladder problems as a child and they had to do some horrible tests on you and when they did the surgery and had to put you to sleep I nearly collapsed. That is a scream I will never forget. I hated that we had to put you through it, if I could have taken your place I would have gladly done it for you.

I am believing that everything is perfect with Ashton and we will not have to go through this again. She is too perfect. My sweet angel.


Rhonda said...

So glad to hear she is done with that. Love that girl! Love you guys, too! The food blog was great, but now I am hungry! :) I didn't know you were such a fan of greek food. I need to mark that down on my mental file-o-fax. :) Love you!