Thursday, January 17, 2008

How Cute is This?

Found this ADORABLE table topper on a new website that Kristi sent me today (mom2iande). has very unique handmade boutique-yish items. I had one of these round tables in the girls' room and hated the blah white table cloth I had on it. What a cute idea to make it look like a ballerina skirt! Going to have to try to make this idea myself. $149 on this site. Bet I can I can do it for under $50!


Mel :-) said...

That is so adorable! You will have to post pics when you make yours! What a great idea! :-)

mom2iande said...

very cute -- i like that site better than ebay. some things are kind of pricy, though. i find things on there and see if my om can make them for our kids and some things i have bought on there (like the personalized satin capes and masks).