Wednesday, January 30, 2008

School Visit

Well, I thought I'd update you faithful readers about the kindergarten dilema. I did visit the school today that Lexi would attend next year if we go to public school. Aesthetically speaking...not impressed! But I'm trying to keep in mind that the school I taught at was aesthetic perfection. So I'm not sure anything will ever measure up in that department. Academically speaking, it is an "A" rated school, however all the elementary schools in our city are "A" rated, so that tells me that getting an "A" rating must not be as tough as my standards would prefer. The teachers were VERY casually dressed, which I did not approve of (t-shirts and jeans or capris). I think educators should always dress professionally. The Asst Principal was wearing blue jeans...on a WEDNESDAY! That is just not acceptable to me. Once again, I'm trying to keep in mind that all schools are not like where I came from. Technology was lacking. This is 2008. There was no PTA. GASP! I assured him there would be one next year and I would be the president. (And we'll take care of that aesthetic problem!!!) There were just lots of details left untouched, which makes me wonder what else is untouched, academically speaking.

However, everyone I met was VERY helpful and accommodating, and seemed to genuinely care about the children. When it all comes down to it, I just want my child in a safe, nurturing, structured environment where she is thriving socially, emotionally, and academically. Is that too much to ask?

I did stop and talk to a mom in the parking lot that I knew and she was there for the same reasons, kind of. Her son goes to the free Pre-K at that school and she said he's already reading and she just loves the school and has had a great experience there. I think her exact words were, "You just can't beat public schools!" And she was a speech pathologist.

So to summarize, I was NOT overly impressed. It was adequate. (I would LOVE to get my hands on a school like that as a principal!!!) I've just about ruled out the private school option for financial reasons. Yes, I do believe God provides but God also gave me a brain that does math and the money ain't there. Homeschooling will never be an option, so don't go there.


Ashley said...

Blue Jeans on Wednesday? I know people are more casual these days, my husband sometimes wears jeans to work in the middle of the week but usually when he's doing and experiment and he always wears a nice shirt with it. Did you make sure it wasn't for some special reason maybe??

I know Jeans are a big deal with the school t-shirt here on Fridays.

Oh well, I think as long as the education is great and the kids are kids you wouldn't mind your daughter around, you should give it a try. If the money isn't there for private school and you'd rather pull your hair out strand by strand before you homeschooled your children (or is that just me?) then maybe, just maybe God is showing you something by having all the teachers dress casual today. Like they are saying "relax, your daughter will be in good hands in a great school. She will be safe and cared for just like if she were at home"

I'm just trying to help you out because it sounds like you would really want this school to work for you because there are not too many other options!!

MargaritaMamma said...

Our school is very casual too. But it doesn't bother me. THe first month we moved here, our principal knew exactly who I was when I walked in one day, first and last name and had asked me something about Alaska. He's casual but has a genuine love for the kids and parents. I think the asst. principal does all the dressing up!! I am a member of our PTA and do what I can. That might be something to think about, starting one, just something for you!!! I'm sure you would be great at it. I think whats important is safety, happiness and scores of the school. There is a website, CHeck it out and see what you can find out. The more you know the better you will feel!!

Good luck!

The Phams said...

What school did you go too?

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Thanks Karen. I did go to that site and the school got very high ratings. Of course that's all based on test scores. It got a 7 out of 10 and an A grade. It was by far, the highest rated one in our city. That's good to know. Maybe I'm just too picky about the other stuff.

The charter school in our area got very low ratings on that site, a 3 out of 10 and a D rating. SCARY!

I remember that site from when I was teaching. Our school always had very high ratings.

Mel :-) said...

I am pro-public schools too and I agree- as long as your child is well taken care of and receives a great education everything else is gravy!
Before I had my own class teaching 1st grade, I did long term sub positions in both full and half-day kindergarten. The kids in the full-day seemed to be way ahead at the end of the year compared to the half-day. We are talking reading at the end of the year compared to just knowing all their letters/sounds.(now the schools were in differnt states so that might have made some of the difference)
Given the choice I would want my kids in full day, unfortunately here it is half-day!! Hopefully we will move to a state with full-day for my youngest at least!!

The Phams said...

Did you find a school yet? A home? How is the decision making process going?

Love ya,