Saturday, January 12, 2008

All About Food

I have food on the brain lately (what's new) so I'm making up my own food Meme! And tag, you're it! Cary's answers are in red!

1. If you knew you were going to die, what would your last meal be? Veggie pizza with ground beef ; Cary-Chinese buffet

2. Favorite restaurant (anywhere in the world): Uncle Julio's (in DFW), Luby's (don't laugh), and Texas Roadhouse Cary-Pelican Reef (I think that's what it's called, in Mobile, AL)

3. Favorite restaurant in the city limits where you live: Seriously, we have Chili's and that's about it. So I guess I have to say Chili's. Actually Dairy Queen is a close second! Cary-Mambo's (I've never been there but he goes there for lunch.)

4. Best fajitas: besides the ones we cook at home, Pappasito's (which we don't have in FL unfortunately) Pappasitos

5. Best Mac and cheese: Luby's or Boston Market ; Boston Market

6. Favorite place to get ice cream: Dairy Queen!!!! Dairy Queen

7. Best burgers: Red Robin (there are a few in FL, but none in Orlando. I miss Red Robin SO much!!!) Red Robin

8. Best fast food restaurant: Taco Cabana (which we don't have in FL), and Boston Market (but the closest one is a good 30 min away); Cary-Popeye's

9. What do you get at the foodcourt at the mall: We rarely go to the mall, but PIZZA for me, Chick fil a for the kids ; Chinese for Cary

10. What home made meal is your specialty to cook? teeheee...cook? What's that? Actually I do "cook" at least 5 nights a week, but that's if you consider putting a frozen meal in the oven. I cook a lot of spaghetti oh and I make really good guacamole. Cary-fajitas on the grill

11. Fast food restaurant you wouldn't eat at even if it were the last place on earth: I can honestly say, if it's the last place on Earth, I WOULD EAT ANYWHERE, but I really don't enjoy McDonald's or Taco Bellyache. Cary said some chicken place I've never heard of...Miller's??? Because it's always dirty.

12. Food establishment that you visit at least once per week (other than the grocery store): Sonic...not necessarily to eat but we do go for happy hour to get drinks. Cary-burger king

13. Favorite grocery store: My favorite is Central Market which we don't have here, but it's WAY too expensive so it was a treat to go there. I sure miss Tom Thumbs clean! I buy most of our food at Sav a lot, Walmart, and occassionally Winn Dixie. Cary-Winn Dixie

14. Amount of $$$$ you spend per week on food: $100/wk on groceries (that includes diapers and toilet paper and cleaning products and such not just food), and we allow ourselves $60/wk for eating out, but that includes lunches, which Cary eats lunch with people almost every day, so $60 doesn't go far! And then if we ever get extra $$$ for any reason, it usually goes towards eating out.

15. Favorite types of food: Pizza, Mexican, and Greek; As he has the toots, he says, "anything with beans!" Kidding...barbque or seafood

16. What is the nicest restaurant you've ever been to? Pappas Brother's Steakhouse, Del Frisco's, and Texas de Brazil ; Constantine's in Mobile and Del Frisco's

17. If you could wave a magic wand and have a plate of food sitting in front of you, what would be on the plate? Pita bread with Hummus, a nice Pappas Brother's steak, mashed potatoes, a greek salad, sweet tea with lemon, and a dipped dairy queen ice cream cone! Cary-every food ever created!

18. Favorite drinks: In the morning-coke, for a treat-sonic cherry limeade or chocolate shake, with dinner-sweet tea with lemon, on a cold night-white chocolate mocha, and on the rare occassion that I enjoy an alcoholic beverage in the privacy of my own home-tropitini (tropical martini) or pina colada. Cary-ditto, because he wanted to go back to the living room to watch the football game and is getting tired of me asking food questions.

19. Best milkshakes and flavor: CHOCOLATE...all the way...Braums (we don't have those here either), Chick fil a (YES, they're awesome) Cary-Braum's

20. Place you said you'd never eat but you did: the Target deli! Before I had kids I would say, "Who eats at Target???" But now I totally get it. Now that I have kids, it's all about convenience. I want to get in and out of the car as few times as possible, so eating at the Target deli just makes it easy! Cary-He can't think of anywhere he never wanted to eat because he's a guy! And he REALLY wants to get in there to watch that football game.


Mel :-) said...

Wow there is a lot here to reply to but I just woke up! (It's only 9:30 here!) ;-)
I will agree- I LOVE Red Robin too, we have them here and they are yum-O! Some of my favorite restaurants anywhere- La Fonda-(SA TX), Freebirds (College Station), Rudy's BBQ-(TX), Ted's Cafe Escondido-(OKC,OK), Sea Island-(SA,TX), Captain Andersons (Panama City, FL)and Bill Millers (TX) for Sweet tea! Fast food that we can't get here but I crave- TACO CABANA (TX) and White Castle. (St. Louis) :-) Sheesh...I wrote way more than I thought I would! I am hungry though!! :-)

mom2iande said...

I put it on my blog and gave you credit!