Tuesday, January 1, 2008

So I wanted to Post Some Pictures...

But the connection is too slow and intermittant at our house because we have the city's FREE wifi service. So if there's a cloud above my house, or if a car drives by, or the computer is 6 inches too close to the concrete wall in the dining room, or someone sneezes, well, too bad...NO INTERNET! I will get to Cary's office this week and post our Christmas pics and pics from our trip to Mobile.

I'm going to call our one and only choice of high speed internet providers this week and get me some REAL internet in this here house. I have all this awesome new technology and no way to flaunt it...I mean, share it!

So since I can't post pics, how 'bout you just imagine you're looking at Lexi and Ashton in their new princess dress up clothes WITH MATCHING WIGS...uh huh, we have the Disney wigs to match our Disney dresses. See we're uptown here in Orlando!

What else is new? Let's see, the TEXAS tree is in the FLORIDA garbage. The girls said goodbye to the Christmas tree today. We cooked black eyed peas and cabbage. Which, by the way, I'm thinking does NOT bring goodluck after all. Let's see, MAJOR GAS in the tummy from the beans and fluid retention from the cabbage! This is not a pretty sight.

And speaking of cooking...I must vent! We live in a teeny tiny house with a teeny tiny kitchen and God has truly blessed us in that we HAVE A ROOF OVER OUR HEADS, so I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE! Ashton's room has become a storage closet. I never thought I would be "that woman" who turns a perfectly good room in the house into "storage space". I got an awesome new crock pot and ice cream maker for Christmas, both of which I am desperate to use...like DAILY, except I have no place to put them. Thus, they are stacked up in Ashton's room...aka:the new storage closet. Don't get me wrong, I will use them daily, but will have to put them back in the "storage room" after each use. I need to buy new drinking glasses, because I have only THREE, but I think they too would be in the "storage closet". And today when I cooked lunch, I had to take all of my pots and pans OUT of the stove where I store them in order to cook in the stove, meaning all the pots and pans had to be spread out on the like 6 inches of countertop space I have to cook on, making it VERY difficult to, you know, COOK! I don't know how much longer I can take the smallness of the quarters. I can't open my closet door when Cary is in bed. I can't open my dresser drawers unless I stand to the side. I can't flush my toilet when the washing machine or dishwasher are in use. And my toilet is exactly 3 steps from my bedside. Okay, thank you for allowing me to vent. I will move on now and PRAISE GOD that I even have a place to live in this city where we can't begin to afford to buy a house, and I will put my bratty selfishness aside and continue to be humbled. This was God's provision for our family and I have to thankful. PLEASE remind me of that daily. Someone!

And speaking of my bedside toilet...I must go to bed. Or potty. Or both.

Happy New Year!

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Ashley said...

I know you're thankful for what you have been given but I don't know if I could live like that. WOW! I guess if I were in that situation, I would make the best of it...but I totally would complain about the small space!