Sunday, January 27, 2008

In Honor of 7 Sweet & Wonderful Years...

(Today is our anniversary! Read the post below this one if you haven't already!)

Here are some pics from our special day, 7 years ago. Time flies! This was before the days of digital so I had to take digital pics of my wedding album pages. We watched our wedding video with the kids this afternoon and I cried like a baby, as if I were watching it for the first time.

This was the BEST chocolate cake I believe I've ever tasted in my life.

On our way to the Hotel Intercontinental by the Galleria. BEAUTIFUL hotel. I guarantee there was only ONE THING on our minds at this point....FOOD!

Oh look, Cary had hair! He didn't start shaving his head until we had been married for about a year. He HATES our wedding pictures now because he wishes he had been shaving his head back then. He said he wants a re-do! Maybe I'll get skinny and we'll get married again for our 10th! Heeheee!

And all God's people said, "Amen"!
And all the Aggies said, "WHOOP!"

We had a snowy theme. The bridesmaids all wore white (cause I like to break the rules like that) and the centerpieces had floating snowflake candles with snow, with white roses, greenery, and pine cones around the base. We had a sit down dinner with prime rib and all the yummy fixings. The reception was held in a room at First Baptist Dallas. It's their reception hall and it was just as beautiful as any hotel ballroom. Extra gorgeous with all the table linens and chair coverings.

The Cake to die for! I still have my cake topper. Yep! It traveled in my car all the way from Texas. It's in a glass case with acrylic coating to preserve it. ALL of those flowers were edible, all sugar! Gorgeous! That ain't no Walmart cake!

Our engagement picture that everyone signed at the wedding. It's currently hanging in our dining room.

Sweet friends!

LOVED my bouquet. Can't remember what those flowers are called, but each flower had a pearl in the middle. So beautiful!

In honor of 7 years...7 Things About Our Relationship:

1. Our first fight as a married couple was a few weeks after the wedding when Cary was plunging the toilet, then walked into the bedroom (where I was putting on my makeup) and set the plunger down on the carpet. I'm really not kidding. The PLUNGER on the CARPET...EEW!!!

2. Our most romantic date EVER was our first Valentine's as husband and wife. After work that day, he sent me to get a manicure and pedicure and told me not to come home until he called. When I got home, he had cooked a 3 course meal and served me each course in a different room of the house. Crab bisque was served upstairs on our balcony. The main course was served in the formal dining room (steak and lobster), and dessert was in the bathtub! The tub was full of hot water, bubbles, rose petals, and candles were lit all over the bathroom.

3. We broke up twice after getting engaged. I even gave the ring back. It didn't last for long though, like a few hours. Cold feet. His, not mine!

4. The first time I met Cary, I told 3 people that day that he was the man I was going to marry. They thought I was crazy of course. And our first meeting was simply a "Hi, I'm Cary, nice to meet you" surfacy conversation that lasted about 20 seconds! I knew immediately that he was the one!

5. We were friends, then best friends before we ever dated. And even after we became best friends, he was sure to have the "let's keep this purely plutonic" talk with me. YEAH RIGHT!

6. We were having a fight one day because I was sick and tired of dating, totally ready to get married, and he still couldn't make up his mind as to whether or not he was ready to get married. And in the middle of the fight, he proposed. No ring. I got the ring a week later. Then we walked outside on the balcony to make some phone calls or something and noticed my apartment complex was on fire! (My apartment didn't burn, but the building directly across from mine was totally gutted!) If I believed in omens, that would not have been a good one.

7. In 7 years of marriage, we are currently living in our 4th house! Not on purpose. We sold the first house to make a quick $20k to pay off debt, save up for hospital bills to have a baby, and put the rest on another house, we sold the 2nd house because after having a baby and me staying home full time we could no longer afford the payments, then we moved from the 3rd house to FL. (And we are currently looking at houses and hoping to move soon into a nicer, newer, bigger home here in FL.)

Happy Anniversary Honey Bun! I enjoyed my breakfast in bed this morning! You're the best!!!


mom2iande said...

These were funny....and Cary gets points for Breakfast in bed!!!

Mel :-) said...

Happy Anniversary!! :-)

Kristi said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow breakfast in bed I am impressed. Does Cary tutor? On my birthday I went to the Honda dealership to have my oil changed. Yeah, not so much fun! Happy Anniversary guys! Love ya

Katy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Just another Aggie Mom said...

Happy Anniversary!

Kathryn Evans said...

Congrats on 7 years!!!

Rhonda said...

WOW- has it been seven years? :) Happy Anniversary!

Stephanie said...

Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!