Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lurking Defined

I guess I should have defined "lurking" a little better. A lurker would be a person who I don't know, never met, who reads my blog and NEVER comments. If you've ever commented, you're not a lurker. If I know you personally and I've given you my blog address, you're not a lurker. If I know you personally, but I've never given you my blog address and you've found your way here and NEVER commented, thus meaning that I know you but don't know you read my blog, well, then you're a lurker. Well, that is my definition at least. I guess everyone has their own definitions.

Clear as mud?

And once again, I don't mind lurkers, as long as they don't have ill intentions. And leave a comment every now and then!

Carry on with your commentin' selves. It makes me feel so good! I think I'm getting teary eyed. Not really. But it does give me warm fuzzies! Like all my hard bloggin' work is not in vein! YEA!


Anonymous said...

Guilty as charged. Just another Aggie Mom and Gramma that enjoys reading about your perspective on life. Admit to being a little intimidated about this whole blog thing.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Welcome and don't be intimidated! And Gig'Em!!!