Monday, January 28, 2008

Test Results

HOORAY! Ashton's CT scan was totally normal. Nothing to worry about.

And Lexi does not have a urinary tract infection. That came back negative. (So why is she wetting her pants???)

Anyhoo, good news all around!


Stephanie said...

Great news! I'm sorry we are having trouble getting a phone date! But I think about ya daily!

mom2iande said...

Both those are good news!

Have you tried acting like it is no big deal and you do not care at all? I have done that before...much against my character and it actually worked. Then there was bribing for Disney dollars and that worked, too. In fact, he still sometimes asks for Disney Dollars when he pees and we tell him no way...only for poop on the potty...ppop that goes in the potty and not any in the underwear.

She's 4....probably just a little step backwards and next week it might be back to normal for her.