Friday, January 4, 2008

Trip to Mobile

We went to Mobile to visit Cary's family last week and had a great time as always. Here are some pics from that trip.

Who is this buck toothed child??? I think this is one of the funniest picture I've ever taken of Ashton!

Our little submarine girl. This was taken at the Dauphin Island Estruarium.

Isn't this the coolest thing ever??? It's the skull of a certain type of catfish and it looks like a crucifix. AMAZING!!! I had chills when I was holding this.

Dada G made green eggs and ham for the girls.


Mel :-) said...

Wow, that skull is really amazing! Love the green eggs and ham!

mom2iande said...

hmmm....buck tooth in Alabama. Just kidding!

Funny about the lizard story. Better you than me.

I LOVE the green eggs and ham picture. That is great. I have thought about doing that sometime for our kids and letting them watch Cat in the Hat. That is a really great grandparent to do that!