Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Song That Moved Me to Tears...

(In a good way)

I was driving along tonight and THIS SONG came on the radio and I just lost it! Rarely, very rarely does a song move me in such a way. And rarely am I actually listening to ADULT music! I came home and searched for it online and have listened to it at least a dozen times and can't stop. I needed this song in a big way. Click on the link below and it will automatically start playing. ENJOY!


tales_from_the_crib said... good, they play it on our local station lots.

Rhonda said...

Is this the mighty to save version that you were telling me about on the email earlier? If so- then we are releasing her new album with this song on it in 2008. I will get you a copy as soon as I can. It is our INO division that is doing it and they are in Nashville, so I may not get a pre-release copy.

David Campbell said...

How is Lexi? Did you take her to the doctor? I am praying for her to be ok and for you as you go through this!!


Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Yes, same song. But I requested the Hillsong version b/c I knew it was Integrity material and I thought their arrangement might be better for corporate worship. But her version is the one I heard on the radio and fell in love with. I think she may just be my new favorite singer!!! YES PLEASE score me a copy of that CD if you can. I love having peeps in high places!

Rhonda said...

Ha, ha...I don't know about having peeps in high places. :) Maybe I am on the very bottom of a great totem pole. :)