Monday, January 14, 2008

Buick or a Lexus?

Okay, so I've gotten a little spoiled these last few weeks. HOLD's not the way it sounds. I'm not "driving" a Lexus. But when you think of a Buick, what comes to mind? Silver hair, old people, SLOW! When you think of a Lexus, what do you think of? Sleek, sophisticated, smooth ride? So you all know I've been in the business of sprucing up people's blogs for them recently, for free now, but later as I get enough practice, doing this for income. Well, all of my digital scrapbooking elements (which I use for blog designs) are on my old computer...the "Buick". Yes, I could MOVE them over, but that would take HOURS on my cheapo $20 flash drive. But after "driving the Lexus" (my new computer) these last few weeks, it's like TORTURE to get back on the Buick! So everyone waiting on their blog designs, please be patient. I'm in the process of moving just the basic necessities to my "Lexus" so I can design you blogs while sitting in the lap of luxury.

And on a totally UNRELATED note, I had one of those good, long, nose stopped up, can't inhale, deep from the belly cries today, TOTALLY unexpected. I really am not depressed (I don't have time for that). I'm not unhappy. I wasn't even THINKING about "home" but Cary came in and laid down the mail on the counter top. I walked over and looked down at the stack and what was laying on top? The latest issue of the Texas Aggie magazine. There was a picture of an old Ag on the front standing in his fields of farmland and I don't know what came over me, but it was quick and the tears just started flowin'! I couldn't stop them. It was "home" in a magazine and I was a wreck! I went to my room, face down in the pillow and boohooed for a good long 10 minutes or more until Cary said, "Dinner's ready!" And you know, food, that always makes you feel better. Especially when it's prepared by someone else!


Ashley said...

You were really tired today AND you cried just like that?? Are you SURE you're not pregnant?? :)

The Phams said...

Isn't it strange how the homesick feeling comes out of nowhere and usually with the oddest things! I have to stay away from pictures of things I love dearly (running club, family, Disney, etc....). Praise God you get to go back soon.
I'll be praying for your Uncle.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Unless it was immaculate conception, YES, I'm sure! teeheee!

mom2iande said...

I feel your pain...about the computer part. Switching computers and learning the new one is such a pain in the rear.

Crying over the aggie magazine....normal (I think). I have been told that at about 6 months somewhere that is not home, one begins to really feel it and get homesick. On the other hand, I have never met an Aggie fan quite like you.