Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Observations From Today

1. The people who put those tacky plastic coverings on their dining room chairs probably at one point in their lives had a two year old who ate aqua and hot pink Trix yogurt at the dining room table. Need I say more.

2. A TRIPLE whopper? Really? A little bread with your meat? Who eats those???

3. Cheese tots? How DO they get the cheese in those things and what will they fry up next?

4. Ellen Degeneres is the best talk show on T.V. these days. She tops Oprah. GASP. I know, she's a lesbian. But her show is HIGHLY entertaining.

5. I'm in love! With my two year old. Nothing melts my heart more these days than her sweet hugs and kisses, the way she sits on my legs and opens my eyes with her fingers while I'm "resting my eyelids" in the afternoons, the way she opens the refrigerator and grunts and makes gremlin noises while she's picking out what she wants to eat. Don't get me wrong. I love my 4 yr old too, but she's in "a stage". She's too cool for school these days and doesn't want to have anything to do with me. Kind of like a teenager. I hear they go through this in preschool and then again when they hit the pre-teen years. If that's not true, don't correct me. I'm just going to keep believing it will go away.


Ashley said...

Did I read that right?? You said Ellen Degeneres is Highly entertaining?? Now I like her and enjoy her show but I believe in your post about "Lousiana" Ellen was on your list titled, "Nothing good comes from Lousiana"!!

I don't know why I remember reading that in your Lousiana post but it just came to mind when I read the part about Ellen here.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Yup, you're right. I did say that. Well, it's true. But her show is still highly entertaining. She is really funny. Just weird. I like lite hearted funny shows, not serious stuff. Oprah is too serious for me. Ellen makes me laugh.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

And one more observation. The King of Queens is the BEST sitcom on t.v. It's only on late at night, reruns. But from 10-11 p.m. is my favorite time of the day b/c I get to watch that show! It's HILLARIOUS!

Brenda said...

You are so right about preschoolers and teenagers (not just pre-teens) - they both want to be independent, BUT for you to be there when they need you.

After 20 years of working with preschoolers - I went to work in a high school / needless to say I was a little nervous, but once I realized they are just like preschoolers, just different sized bodies - in fact their style of dressing for the day was very similar - then everything was just fine.

By the way - yes - sometimes I lurk.

mom2iande said...

i still say the difference is boy vs. least it is that way in our household. i see physical strength with our son and emotional strength with our daughter. watching the difference is entertaining.

your posts about your four year old are always funny to me, because i read about the girl in her since they are the same age and mine is a boy....and since i know her and y'all.

preschoolers like teenagers...oh, thanks for the warning!

Ansbaughmom said...

I think Ellen is entertaining too. She doesnt get caught up in today's drama-she is just out to make people laugh. We like King of Queens too!! We went and saw Kevin James do stand up once in Orlando-he was hilarious.

Ashley said...

I think you sould make a weekly post about your observations, gets people talking!

King of Queens is hilarious. There are so many shows that I have found only through reruns and it makes me wish I paid more attention to them when they were on the air.

Mel :-) said...

Though I haven't watched her show in forever, I love Ellen too. She cracks me up and the dancing at the beginning is great! (does she still do that??)
I prefer her to Oprah as well- I used to watch her show religiously but I am so over her. I can honestly say it has been several years since I have watched a single Oprah show!! :-o