Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Herbie Fully Loaded...Now Seriously...

So we rented a movie from the library (I guess I should say "checked out" not "rented" because you can't really rent from the library) and watched it while all huddled around the laptop on the coffee table. Yes, let me repeat that sentence so you can grasp the fullness of it. So we checked out a movie from the library and watched it while all huddled around the laptop on the coffee table. Have you grasped it, fully, that we are just really NOT a movie watchin' kind of family??? Back up, the reason we watched it on the laptop, you ask? Well, because we're not a movie watchin' family,therefore we don't OWN a DVD player. GASP! I know! Can you believe it? And yet, they don't even rent VHS movies any more, so at some point we will have to cave and buy a DVD player. But we're in that stage of life where you don't buy something unless it's an absolute necessity, such as, oh I don't know, FOOD, toilet paper, gasoline... I think they call that stage POOR!

But it's really all my fault that we don't watch movies as a family. I'm not a movie kind of girl. I can't sit still that long, seems like such a waste of time to me. I could be doing imporant things like laundry, or blogging, or who are we kidding...I woulnd't be exercising. But no matter how good the movie, I have been known to sit through 3/4 of a movie only to get up and walk out and NEVER be remotely curious as to how it ended. I know! Crazy!

So back to the Herbster. Tonight, after church, we all huddled around the laptop on the coffee table to watch Herbie Fully Loaded. As we watched this movie, all I could think was, now seriously, WHY COULDN'T I FIND A CAR LIKE THAT FOR $75 BUCKS!!!!! Well that, and if only I could travel back in time and tell that cute little Lindsay Lohan girl to "JUST SAY NO, SISTER"!


Kim said...

hilarious... I love to imagine your family huddled around the computer.

Ashley said...

I can't even watch movies with her in it anymore. She used to be a cute little girl, like in The Parent Trap, then she had to try and grow up too fast.

I'm still picturing you all around the coffee funny! Were you at least on the couch, makes my knees hurt thinking of sitting on them for two hours staring at a laptop.

mom2iande said...

funny....i have seen bits and pieces of that movie at the children's hospital in patient rooms and in the cafeteria, but not the whole movie in one sitting. Ha!

I agree with your friend ashley...her and a few others were so cute when they were a little younger and played innocent roles and then they grew up.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Actually, Cary and the girls were on the love seat all cuddled up under blankets. I was lying on the floor using my dog as a pillow, mainly because I had just read someone's blog post about their dog dying and it made me so sad that I was glued to my dog for the next hour loving on her. After about an hour long love fest, I sat in the club chair and held Ashton all wrapped up in a blanket, which is where she fell asleep. Apparently, she has my movie watching genes. She got about 3/4 of the way through and conked out!!!