Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

Tonight at church was the annual AWANA Grand Prix. The best way to describe AWANA is to say it's like the Christian version of scouts. They have to memorize memory verses every week and they have short assignments to complete, they get patches on their vests for completing them, they do crafts and games, and have a lesson time too. It's a great program that many churches all around the world have for kids in the community. Anyhoo, Lexi is in the "Cubbies" division and tonight at the Grand Prix the Cubbies raced their hotwheels while the older kids actually built wooden cars and decorated them and raced them. Lexi won 2 out of 3 of her races and (even though there wasn't a 4th place) she came in 4th. (I know this because I was keeping score, cause I'm kind of competitive like that!) COME least I wasn't chanting LEXI, LEXI, LEXI...okay so maybe I was! Well, still, at least I congratulated the 4 yr old who won. Okay, not really but I'm kind of a sore loser like that. But, really, it's all about having fun right? (We'll CRUSH'EM next year Lex!)

So, here she is BEFORE the big race, showing off her hotwheel, that SHE picked out at the store, Daddy oiled it a little and taped the doors shut, you know, to make it more aerodynamic.

Have you ever seen a cuter cowgirl? Check out those big pink earrings! What can I say, the apple didn't fall far from the tree, folks!

The pre-race prayer. "Dear God, please help Lexi WIN WIN WIN!!!"

She took her first loss pretty rough. I'm not sure where she gets that competitive nature from!

The sympathy/participation ribbon!

Well, hey, we didn't win, but by golly, if you can't win, at least dazzle them with your good looks! Isn't she beautiful!


mom2iande said...

That is great!. I do love that cowgirl hat and earrings....looking like that, I think she could come to Texas and go to the stock show! I am hoping to go with our kids.

Love is great! They have fun and learn about the BIBLE all at the same time.

Ashley said...

I so want a pair of earrings like that!! Where can I pick me up a pair??

She came in 4th, still pretty good! Maybe next time glue the doors shut because the tape might have slowed the car down a little. Every little thing helps! You'll get them next year!!

Did you check the winner's car...make sure she didn't have a weight at the bottom making it go faster!! :) I'm a little competitive as well!!

Mel :-) said...

How fun!!!!