Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Miss...

Souper Salad
Southlake Town Square
Fellowship Church
Downtown Fort Worth
Riding the Trinity Railway Express to downtown Dallas
Going to Dallas Maverick's games with Megan and Jared
Hanging out at the Lay's till the wee hours of the morning, while our children were STILL AWAKE and playing happily
Eating Barbque and pizza with the Lay's, oh and Rosa's taco night too!!!!
Keller...the BEST place to live in the world!
Las Colinas...the 2nd best place to live in the world!
Living 3 hours away from Aggieland
The "Good Morning Texas" show
My former hairstylist, Eric, at Royale Maison Salon in Colleyville (the BEST in the one has ever cut or colored my hair like Eric!)
Celebrating special occassions at Texas de Brazil in downtown Fort Worth
The Fort Worth stockyards
Billy Bob's
And of course ALL OF MY MANY friends and family!!!! That just goes without saying!


Anonymous said...

I miss you too!

Anonymous said...

oops - it's Audra

Becky said...

Well girl....those things are still here for you! I live in NRH so I live right down the road from Colleyville. I did go on my first trip on TRE to a Dallas Mavs game in November - I can't wait to do it again in February. Southlake Town Center has added a lot!! Hubby and I went and saw National Treasure 2 in the theater that can hold 600 people!!!

Ashley said...

I miss Texas, too!!! You made me want to go back soooo bad. Even though I am from the Houston area, your post still made me miss Texas bunches! That's it, I'm packing up my stuff and moving back home, now!!!

David Campbell said...

We are all still here waiting for your return:) Isn't it crazy how many restaurants we have around here?!

Kathryn Evans said...

I moved from Plano, Texas 19 years ago when I was in high school but my husband still makes fun of me about how I talk about it whenever Texas is brought up. Not sure why but once it is a state of mine it is a state of mind. I remember the only two sports out there...fall football and spring football. They really do grow 'em bigger out there. And what fun taking visitors to see South Fork (it wasn't as big as it looked on TV)and Billy Bob's. Seems like I remember taking the drive out to Las Colinas to look at Christmas lights...everyone did up their house and it was crazy traffic but oh so much fun.

The Phams said...

:( I understand!

I miss you if that helps!

Did you get my invitation to my blog?

Anonymous said...

Miss you too. We were thinking about going to downtown FW for our anniversary. I will have to talk to you about that!

mom2iande said...

my hubby says that when you move somewhere other than home, that at about 6 months you start to really miss where you moved from. there is probably some truth there.