Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tis The Season...

for my OCD to kick into high gear! I really can't stand the Christmas season, for so many reasons. Don't get me wrong...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS! That's the only part I love about the season, the birth of my Lord and savior. But beyond that, BAH HUMBUG! I know I know, it's not even Thanksgiving yet. But the commercials and's just around the corner!

Let's focus on the first reason this season gets under my skin. Holiday parties, Martha Stewart specials on t.v., gift wrapping, tree decorating, holiday's all just too much for the perfectionist in me. I'm an all or nothin' kind of girl and I don't have a small and simple bone in my body. So if I'm going to throw a holiday party, it's going to be the best dern party you've ever stepped foot in. And if I'm going to bake, by golly Paula Deen watch out! And if I'm going to gift wrap, I feel the need to get out the scrapbooking supplies and custom make my own gift wrapping so that every package under the tree is all coordinated. And then there's the tree...golly gee...the tree! We do an all Texas tree, but over the years people have given me "other" ornaments that don't go with my Texas-themed tree. So when I look at the tree and see those non-Texas ornaments scattered throughout, it just bugs me. A "simple" solution would be to decorate two trees, but I don't have enough non-Texas ornaments to make another tree. So you see my dilema? And then there's the whole holiday decorating issue. I'm so over the whole Christmas knick knack crap. I want mega decor! I want my house to look like a professional came in and did it for me. I want the chandeliers covered in greenery with berries. I want the china hutch to have golden pine cones and winter berries scattered throughout. I want the three story gingerbread house on the baker's rack sitting in a platter of evergreens. I can't just put out some snow men and a wreath and call it a season! Oh, and the Christmas cards! I can't BUY storebought cards and insert a picture like normal people. No, I fee the need to HAND MAKE all 75 of them! (Except for last year, I caved because we moved the day after Christmas, so I actually took the easy way out). All the more reason to make up for it this year, right? You have no idea how many all nighters I've pulled making my Christmas cards. Poor Cary. He always gets suckered into helping me too.

It's just too stressful trying to be so perfect all the time. And yet, I can't NOT be perfect at some things and just let it go. No, I have to be OCD and not sleep for the whole month of December trying to get it all done, only to undo it before January 1. Bah Humbug I tell you! Bah humbug! Forget it. This year, I'm just going to Disneyworld. To heck with the rest!

Hi, I'm Heather, and I have OCD!


Ashley said...

Sounds like you're WAY too into the Christmas season!

I LOVE this season. All the family parties, the decorations, and just the whole hustle and bustle of it. I'm a freak about this season. I could care less about the presents, I just love the "togetherness" of it all! To me, people just seem a little happier this time of year.

I think I would be a little more uptight if I had OCD, but my wallet doesn't allow me to have a disorder like that! I wish it would though, I could have the prettiest house in our neighborhood I think!

Ashley said...

Oh yeah, as for the ornament situation, just get a little table tree for the non-Texan decorations. Nothing big, but big enough to accomadate the mismatched ornaments. You can put it in an entry way or something! Or better yet, it can be a little Christmas Tree in the girl's room!

Stephanie said...

I hear ya! I want the whole she-bang when I decorate too but I tell myself that if I buy it all at once (which would put us back into credit card debt) what fun would it be to go to the Hobby Lobby after Christmas sale and feel great about all the great deals I got. So maybe you could try that? Plus, the more you have, the more you have to take down and store somewhere! Blah, more problems.

But I've seen your house (Hurst) at Christmas and it was just beautiful.

Mel :-) said...

Wow, you really have some strong feelings about all this! ;-)
It can be overwhelming and stressful at times, I agree. I just try to make it the most meaningful for my Girls as I can. That is the main reason I decorate for all the holidays (almost every one!) and make all the crafts and treats. Seeing my Girls so excited is a huge motivation for me. I want them to have all the memories of the holidays that I have from growing up. It is also such a time of family, love, and joy. I am a bit of a Christmas nut I admit!! :-)
Just get a small table top tree and make it your 'other' ornament tree. We usually have 2 or 3 trees (but only one big one!) around the house. Told ya...I am a Christmas nut!!! :-D

Anonymous said...

i agree with you about the holiday. i love the reason we celebrate Christmas, but it does seem (even family) gets more into all the gifts and that becomes the focus. i am not a gift-receiving person, so ust being with my family and not having all the holiday stress is what i like best!