Friday, November 9, 2007

Dear Dada G:

I've been outside all morning painting a bunk bed. I will get around to posting my weekend picks today before you leave work, so check back. Aggie dokie?

Yes, ladies and gents...back by unpopular demand, at the request weekend picks!

Dada G doesn't know who to watch or pull for without my superior wisdom and professional insight. Yeah right!

3 hrs later...

I'm back and here are your picks Dada G. So sit back in your lazy boy and flip the remote to your heart's content. Are you ready for some football?

#12 Michigan at Wisconsin: Before you say "who cares" I'm picking Wisconsin to upset Michigan. They are 7-3, so not a bad team and it's a home game for them. And Michigan has their eyes set on next weekend, Ohio State, overlooking the badgers.

A&M at #6 Mizzou: The Ags might as well not show up! They have given up on their season and sadly so have the fans. This will be a cake walk for Mizzou! But just for the heck of it...BTHO Mizzou! And Gig'Em! I still love my Ags!!!

#22 Bama at Miss State: Roll Tide

Kansas State At Nebraska: We all know KState will win, but let's guess how many points they will hang on the poor huskers. Last week Kansas scored 76 on Nebraska. I think Nebraska will fight for a few points in the beginning but will lose by a score of about 21-62.

#18 Auburn at #10 Georgia: Will the Aggie nation be watching their future coach? GOD I HOPE NOT! But if he's coming to Aggieland, I at least want him to get these last 2 wins under his belt and leave Auburn a success. So, War Eagle? Is that what they say???

Texas Tech at #14 Texas: Guns up! Go Red Raiders. Texas will win, but I have to always pull for whoever plays Texas. Even though it pains me cause I HATE Tech!

#15 Florida at South Carolina: Interesting one! Do you think Steve Spurrier circles this date on his calendar each year or what? I think the gamecocks have a shot. Florida obviously has some weaknesses and I think ol' Spurrier is genius enough to find them. The gamecocks win this win in a squeaker!

#4 Kansas at Okie State: The most interesting matchup in the Big 12 this weekend. Kansas should not be #4. #15 maybe, but not #4! I SO want the Cowboys to win, but I'd also like to see Kansas go all the way to the Big 12 Championship so they can get stomped by Oklahoma, so go Jayhawks. (At least my motives are pure...heeeheee)

#17 USC at Cal: I know it's a home game for Cal and they're 6-3, but I think USC is a more solid team. The Trojans will win this one. It may not be pretty, but they'll win!

And there you have it. Enjoy this fooball weekend! Football season is coming to a close. Sadly! (But not quickly enough if you're an Aggie!)

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Anonymous said...

Can't believe I'm getting all this without a subscription. I really do enjoy your picks and comments and I feel much better now. The pictures are great. Can't wait to see the girls. Give them a big preview hug and kiss for me. Love, DaDa G.
PS: It's Waaaaar Darn Eagle!