Monday, November 12, 2007

If Fat = Old and I'm not old, then I'm ????

Oh, the mind of a 4 yr old! I will never quite understand it! But the teacher in me is liking her reasoning skills. Here's a conversation I had with Lexi today....

Lexi: Mommy, I want to tell you a secret. Nanny and Mimi are kind of old cause they are the same size.

Me: Oh, yeah? (Nanny is my grandmother, Mimi is Cary's mom) You think so? What about Granny? Is she old? (Granny is my mom).

Lexi: Yes, she's old too cause she's fat like Nanny and Mimi. (Interesting what a 4 yr old thinks of as fat, because they're far from fat!)

Me: What about me? Am I old? (At this point I've concluded that fat = old in her mind and since she tells me I'm fat every day, I'm QUITE certain she's going to say I'm old!)

Lexi: No, mommy, you're not old at all.

(I'm flabbergasted! Totally taken aback. YEA! I'm not old...which means.....I'm not....fat???? Hmmm. Puzzling. But I like her thinking!)

Lexi: You're not old, you're new.

Me: I'm NEW??? You mean young?

Lexi: I SAID NEW! Not young!

Me: Oh. How bout Daddy? Is he new? And what about Dada G (Cary's dad)?

Lexi: Yup, they're new too. They're not old.

Me: (thinking silently) So you mean I'm in the "not fat" and new category? Wow, this is a first!

Who wouldn't love the logic of a 4 yr old!


tales_from_the_crib said...

congratulations! i'm new too! and shiny! and who doesn't want to be shiny and new from time to time

tales_from_the_crib said...
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Anonymous said...

she is funny with her comments. isn't it funny as they get to be four how they can really start to reason...well, at least as a four year old can reason!