Monday, November 26, 2007

Things I Said To My Husband While Driving Through Louisiana...

If you read my post a few days ago called "I'm Home" you know how I really feel about the state of Louisiana. I mean does anything good ever come out of that place? Let's see... there's Brittany Spears, cajun food (GAG), cajun people and their crazy accents, The New Orleans Saints (sorry honey), Ellen Degeneres, The Waterboy, LSU Tiger fans (you think I'm crazy???) Nope, pretty sure nothing good comes out of there! I meant it when I said, "That state is about 6 hours too big!"

So I thought it would be funny to recall some of the things I REALLY did say as we were driving through. This is no lie...

1. Why are there 2 pick up trucks on top of that mobile home?

2. Is that hat lighting up?

3. Sammy Kershaw for state senate??? As in THE Sammy Kershaw, country singer who sings that song, "Queen of My Double Wide Trailer"????

4. Did I read that sign correctly...there's a casino IN THE GAS STATION???

5. Did I read that sign correctly...they sell DAIQUIRIS IN THE GAS STATION???

6. Did I read that sign correctly...Cajun Bakery, Cafe, and DAIQUIRIS???

7. Did I read that sign correctly...DRIVE THRU DAIQUIRIS???

8. Did I read that sign correctly...Sandy's Groceries and Daiquiris?

9. So let me get this straight...cajun people have a love affair with their daiquiris I'm guessing? I never knew this!

10. Did I read that sign correctly...I-10 is CLOSED??? Till December 4th??? ( read it right. The 60 miles from Baton Rouge to Lafeyette is times that made for! Gas line explosion.)

11. Was the Wayne Newton sign supposed to attract me to the casino?

12. And perhaps the most perplexing thing I saw were lots and lots of pick up tricks appearing to be either GOING or COMING from the deer leases which isn't an abnormal thing...but what was attached to their trucks is what struck me as funny, which explains this question I asked (repeatedly)..."Is it just me or does that look like a FEMA trailer on the back of that pick up?" (We saw that MORE than once!)


tales_from_the_crib said...

my mom was borned in louisiana, however she had the good sense to leave by the times she was five.
and cajun foods is yummy, just way differentable than tex-mex and an acquired tasteables only (like sushi).

Rachel said...

Guess we won't ever make you gumbo when you come to visit! :) I didn't like it at first, but now I do!
Got to like it with the last name Thibodeaux!