Friday, November 2, 2007

Polly Want a Cracker?

Since Daddy was a pirate on Wedneday night, we thought it would be fun to dress the girls up like parrots. Daddy and I made the costumes. We bought red shirts and pants, then used different colored felt cut like wings, fabric glued together, cause you know I couldn't sew to save my life. Then we used mulit colored boas for the tails. We bought masks and painted them and added feathers for the face. And for the feet, we cut out bird feet out of felt and velcroed then around the ankles.

And voila! Two little parrots!


Kim said...

Hey! My mom is Brenda B. (at St. Cloud First Baptist). She sent me a link to your blog and told me to check it out. I recognize your picture and I may have met you in May when we came down there.
Anyhoo... i enjoyed your blog; I can tell you are FULL of energy! I'll be down there in a couple of weeks to see Mom and Dad (He's Bill, of course) and I'll see you then.

(P.S. Okay, I just read this and I promise I'm not just some crazy lady stalking you. I AM NOT A STALKER... DO NOT BE ALARMED)

Now I just sound more crazy.
Love the parrot costumes, by the way. Adorable!

David Campbell said...

I think you like dressing your girls up as birds:) Weren't they cute little turkeys last year...or was that the year before? Where has time gone!
They are cute as birds, princesses, doggies or just themselves!

The Phams said...

WOW! You two are some of the most creative people I know. I would never of thought of that in a million years. But I can't sew either, so what a great idea. :) If we made a costume like that here, it would probably cost like $100 because everything is soooo expensive. We are making our own christmas tree decorations (any ideas would be helpful) and even that isn't cheap! :) Anyway, good work.

Mel :-) said...

They look so cute!! The costumes turned out great. You are so creative! :-D

tales_from_the_crib said...

i likes the parrot costumages.

kidnurse said...

that is funny! those are great one question...did they talk like parrots, you know repeating everything you said??? cute!

Lorri said...

The parrot costumes are too cute. Great job.