Sunday, November 11, 2007

Her Royal Hiney-ess...

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Now presenting to you

Her Majesty

Queen of Nomorediaperland

Queen Alexis

Her Royal Hiney-ess ASSumed the throne

(sorry, couldn't resist)

at 2:00 p.m. today as she bravely conquered her enemy,

fear of doing #2 on the royal throne.

Okay I'll cut the cheesy royalty business, but this was a BIG, monumental day in our home. And I know when she's 16, she's going to hate me for blogging about this, but it's a BIG FREAKIN have NO idea! Lexi has been wearing panties since she was barely 2, but at the age of 4 1/2 would still NOT do #2 on the potty to save her life, until today. It was an accident, actually, but then she went back 2 more times throughout the day and did more...can I get a GLORY? Thank you Jesus! Trust me, we've tried every form of bribery known to man from flip flops in every color, "holes" in the ears, seeing Shamu, you name it we've done it. We've even talked to Jesus on the potty and asked him to "help us get the poopoo out." We've refused to give her a diaper, but that didn't work as she would just hold it for a week then poop in her sleep! I kept hearing doctors and psychiatrists on T.V. and on the radio say, "Don't worry, they won't start kindergarten wearing a diaper," and I would think...REALLY? Are you sure about that??? 'Cause we start kindgergarten in less than a year! So we had yet another "poopoo party" today. We've done this before, can you tell? This is not the first time she's been successful, but it usually fades after a day or two. So time will tell! Is it really possible that we might actually have FINALLY ended the diaper era with one of our children? Is it possible that I may finally have ONE fully potty trained child? Does it count if I'm setting my alarm clock and waking her up 2-3 times per night to go teetee? When does that end??? Cause if I were a fan of getting up during the night I would have another baby. But I'm not. Thus no baby. Momma needs sleep. Uninterrupted sleep. But as much as I hate getting up all during the night, I hate changing sheets even more. So the madness will continue.


Ashley said...

Congrats on the new milestone...the poopoo milestone!

You give me home, maybe one day my two year old wont scream everytime I make him sit down on the potty!

About my "flying" picture, you think you gasped when you looked at the picture, try witnessing it first hand! That was by no means, my idea. I walked outside while my husband was taking a picture of Vinny throwing him up...I about threw up!

Ashley said...

I meant "hope" not "home" in that second paragraph!

Stephanie said...

Great job! I certainly hope it lasts, for your sake.

Anonymous said...

that is great....i bet you are glad. our house had its share of kids nearly being potty trained and then just about the time we thought potty training had happened, we went backwards. i have even used diseny dollars which seem to work i understand the bribery thing.

way to go lexie!

tales_from_the_crib said...

wow!?! we can be potty trained? who knew?
just don't give my mom any ideas!