Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm Home!!!!

After the 20 longest hours of my life, I'M HOME! If you followed my whole flying/driving dilemma a few weeks ago, you probably remember that we opted to drive. WHAT WERE WE THINKING????? If I ever present such a contemplation again, someone just slap me! No, I'm only half kidding. (Is contemplation a word???) We did get to see my in-laws which was WONDERFUL. And I'm not just saying that because they read my blog. They really are so sweet and genuine and very Southuhn, which I just love cause I love me some good ol' southuhn folks y'all. We had a really nice visit with them. But the final leg of the journey, from Mobile to somewhere between Houston and San Antonio was 12 hours of insanity. I wasted, I mean spent, 6 hours of my day in Louisiana. And my Momma taught me if I had nothing nice to say then just don't say anything at all. So I won't. That state is about 6 hours too big! Oops, there I went saying something not so nice. Sorry Momma! Cary and I made up a joke as we were driving through it goes...why is Louisiana so big? Cause it's the double wide state! Ba-da-bing! Okay, that was just wrong. Sorry! If you've ever been dumb enough to take French, oops, I mean if you know any French, here's a fun game to play as you drive through Louisiana...pronounce all the names of the towns the correct, you know, "French", way. Then find out the REAL Lousianian (is that a word?) way to pronounce them and see how WAY OFF you are! We played that game today. And seriously I say, "dumb enough to take French" because what Texan really needs to know French? Honestly? What was I thinking taking French? Should any foreign language other than Spanish really be offered in the state of Texas??? (On the other hand, maybe they SHOULD offer French in Louisiana schools though, you know, so they can learn the correct pronunciations of the towns they live in!)
But BABY when we crossed that state line into Texas...Ahhhh...home sweet home! It's good to be home. I have missed it so much, my heart hurts. So I have just a few days to get my fill of Tex-mex and everything else Texas, INCLUDING AGGIE FOOTBALL! I'll be at the A&M/Texas game on Friday. Should be a massacre, but I'll be there nonetheless to support my team! ( I mean, WE'LL be massacred, not THEM!)
And now...for some cute pics taken the last few days...

The girls LOVE case you're wondering...his name is RON, doesn't even start with a G! LONG STORY!

During a temporary loss of sanity, Cary thought it would be a GREAT idea to buy the girls some oreo eat...IN THE CAR! Ashton fell asleep halfway through her bag, hence the choco face! And that's her hand behind her neck. How do you fall asleep in this position I'd like to know!

Yummy cuteness!


Anonymous said...

We found (after driving many times from Texas to South Carolina and back to Texas that it is much prettier to drive on the bypass through Louisiana. The other way is just plain UGLY and the roads...they are awful! We really dread having to drive through Louisiana. We should try those games next time. Funny!

My roots are in Mississippi and North Carolina and Kentucky. Bennet's roots are North and South Carolina. We think it is really pretty in East Texas and then it starts to get pretty in Mississippi, but gets really pretty in Alabama. Alabama might just be the prettiest state of all the southern states (at least along i-20) and oh, yeah, we like the bypass in Birmingham, too.

Don't it feel good to be in Texas?


tales_from_the_crib said...

looks comfy to me! (the sleeping with your hand behind your head thing) oh, and welcome back y'all! have a great time at the game and since we can't go, be sure to be extra loud for us!

{ Kiddos & K9s } said...

road trips... !?!?!?

Glad you're home...

Happy Thanksgiving! ~ kim

Stephanie said...

Love the pics, so precious! Yeah, if we JUST got to where a 3 hour drive was do-able, I can't imagine a 20 hour trip.