Saturday, November 10, 2007

Emotional Aggie Moment

Just as I predicted, the Ags ran out of time again today. What's new these days? In about 2 weeks, we should officially be coach-less. WHOOP!

But to the Aggie faithful out there, let me just encourage you. Better days are ahead for us! Remember, football is just a small part of what makes Aggieland such a special place in our hearts. Muster, Elephant Walk, the Aggie ring, the Century Tree, Yell Practice, the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band, the Corps of Cadets, the Big Event, Revielle, Silver Taps, Ross Volunteers, Fish Drill Team (and I ain't talkin about girls in short skirts) the Aggie yells, maroon out, yell leaders, march in, hullabaloo, wildcats, senior boots, final review, off the wood, Aggie wranlgers, The Dixie Chicken, uncover, I could go ON AND ON AND ON AND ON...these are things that all Aggies hold close to our hearts. That's what makes Aggieland so special. Not the football team!

We attended the most tradition rich school in the country! And you know what they say,
"Once and Aggie, always an Aggie."

"From the outside looking in, you can't understand it and from the inside looking out, you can't explain it."

I love my Ags! Win or lose. Even if we were 0-10 right now, I wouldn't want to be anything but a Fightin' Texas Aggie! Gig'Em Ags...BTHO t.u. WHOOP!


Mel :-) said...

YEAH- you said it girl! I agree- there is NO place like Aggieland! I will always be proud to be an Aggie no matter what the scoreboard says when the time runs out! We actually looked pretty good out there today- Fran finally mixed it up. Too little too late for him though! ;-) BTHO tu!

Ashley said...

Gig 'Em Ags!

tales_from_the_crib said...

memo to me...check your blog AFTER i watch the game on tivo...

Kathryn Evans said...

I have to say I thought of you when I was checking the college game scores. We are celebrating UCF's victory...just beginning our heritage and traditions. My husband is crazy for some college football.

Totally love you blog. I am need of some of your OCD characteristics to get motivated to do something with mine.

Stephanie said...

Yes, yes, we have so many other wonderful traditions that make us who we are but I am still having trouble with the part about Aggie football is just a small part of it. I know you are right but there's this voice in my head that keeps saying otherwise. Maybe it's because Aggie football is something we can all still experience from our own couches once in a while. Maybe it is because my entire 5-6 years as a student we had the longest home winning streak and I don't remember us ever running out of time. But you are right....and yes, better days are ahead...just after another painful game against t.u. Oh, the pain!