Saturday, November 3, 2007

Anyone else..

Any other Aggies out there as fed up as me? And yet I can't stop watching the massacre! Unbelievable! Is Franny just trying to lose his job? Why are we punting on 4th and 1 inside the 40 when we're down by 28??? Anyone??? Why are we punting on 4th and 4 when we're down by 21? Anyone??? Why do we play the same ol' offensive plays that DON'T WORK late in the 3rd quarter? Anyone??? I love Stephen McGee but TAKE HIM OUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!! When things are repeatedly not working on offense, why are we not making changes like trying another quarterback who CAN PASS? OU hasn't prepared for Johnson, so put him in! Anyone else throwing things around their living room right about now???



Ashley said...

I don't throw things around the room, I throw them at my husband who is the OU graduate and is rubbing his lead in my face. If I hit him in just the right spot on his head, maybe he'll passout so I don't have to listen to him, but not be too hurt that I have to take him to the hospital.

Mel :-) said... should have HEARD our shouts at Fran! You could totally tell he didn't give a rip b/c he knows he is gone anyway. 14-42 was a LOT better than we expected!! :-o
I will always be a die hard Ag, but I am so over our coach- we deserve so much better!!!

Lisa said...

Don't get me started. I can hardly watch the Aggies right now. From what I've heard Fran is gone at the end of year... no surprise though. I will say that it's not just a good coach that we need... maybe a little better talent too.