Sunday, November 4, 2007

Homesick, Bad Hair, and a Granny Dress, oh and GO COWBOYS!

First, does my blog look different on anyone else's screen? The cute little stripes that used to be on both sides of my sidebars are no longer there, but I don't know if it's just like that on my computer because I'm quite certain my computer is on the blink. Okay, anyways, let me know!

Secondly...GO COWBOYS! I'm watching the game as I type.

HATED the Dallas Cowboys for the longest time because most native Houstonians do, sort of started liking them when Bill Parcels came on board as coach, and now, LOVE LOVE LOVE them! What true Texan doesn't love Wade Phillips, Cowboys coach? He's Bum Phillip's son, got a little Aggie connection goin' on there. Love him!

I'm SO homesick right now. And it's totally not that I don't want to be in Florida. I do love a lot of things about it and our church family is SO good to us. The people are so genuine and treat us like gold. And I don't want to leave until God calls us elsewhere, if He ever does. But it's not home to me, not yet. This afternoon, as I was standing at the pizza buffet, a little tear formed in the corner of my eye. Don't laugh! For a split second, it felt like I was at Keller Pizza, mainly because the thin crust looked JUST like theirs and thin crust pizza makes me giddy. And when I envisioned myself going home to take a Sunday nap, I envisioned myself in our house in Hurst. For a split second. And then reality hit. And I cried! And cried! And cried! In Pizza Hut! I long for Texas. It's in my veins. I never wanted to live anywhere else. But God had other plans for us. And it's a privilege to be used by God. I just pray that one day He will allow us to serve Him in Texas. And if not, I'm pretty darn sure Heaven looks JUST LIKE Texas!

Today after church, we were in the parking lot and Lexi's Sunday School teacher was standing at our car talking to me. Lexi poked her head out the window and said (talking to her teacher), "Your hair isn't so pretty." I wanted to crawl under the seat. All I could say was, "If it makes you feel any better she is always telling me I'm fat and I'd much rather her say my hair isn't pretty than to be fat." Well, okay, maybe not, but I was just trying to make her feel better. I don't ever want bad hair. I guess I'd rather be fat with good hair than skinny with bad hair. Because hair, that's like your "crown". If the hair is bad, it's ALL bad!

And today I wore this certain dress to church that does remind me of something my mom would wear. It's pretty, but it doesn't scream out, "I'm 33!" It screams, "I'm fifty something!" But I'm kind of short on church clothes because my wardrobe consists of shorts, t-shirts, flip flops, and more flip flops. And t-shirts, did I mention t-shirts? With stains! Anyways, I noticed that everyone who complimented my dress today was over the age of 50. But I kind of knew it looked a little "olderish" than most things I wear, so I didn't think much of it. But at lunch, Lexi said, "Mommy, is that Granny's dress?" Okay, so maybe I won't wear that dress again. I'm not saying my mom dresses bad. It's just that our styles are different and she dresses like a 50 something aged woman and I dress like a young, hip, hot and sexy Momma. Okay, so maybe not hot and sexy.

But I dress like a 33 year old Mom... who is fat....with good hair.


Anonymous said...

Oh- you are just making me laugh tonite. I still have the stripes here on my computer. Miss you! Go Cowboys!! :)

Anonymous said...

Previous post was from me - Rachel! :)

Anonymous said...

Previous post was from me - Rachel! :)

Ashley said...

I have lived in Oklahoma for 5 years now and still would give anything to go back to Texas! It's just where I want to be. No one understands it unless they're from's just better there than ANYWHERE else! Luckily, I'm only 6 hours away from home.

As for my blog, yes it's done from digital scrapbook but I have no clue how to do it. I had someone else do it. Her name is Jennisa and she only charged me like $15 dollars. I thought it was worth it than having me sit here for hours trying to figure it out! You can go look at her design blog.

tales_from_the_crib said...

the stripey's work for me too!

Stephanie said...

I hear something, do you hear it? It's God calling you and Cary home to the HOLY LAND of College Station. I'm sure you're not feeling it after the game but CS is growing and growth means new churches!

Glad to hear you've seen the "other side"- The Cowboys. I grew up watching them...when I was a kid I could hear my dad screaming at them and I was all the way down the street playing with all the kids. Now Lauren & Caleb know that Saturday is Aggie Day and Sunday is Cowboys Day. It sure makes it easy to pick out clothes.

Anonymous said...

Well I am insulted, does my clothes really look 50ish???? What can I do to make me hot and sexy, bad hair and all.

I can always depend on Lexi telling the truth. She doesn't know how to lie yet. You both are so funny, you make my day.


Kim said...

I don't get homesick for Florida anymore, well I guess in February I do (when it rains every stinkin' day in Alabama and it is cold, cold, cold, all the while knowing it is loverly in Florida), but I do get homesick for Mom, Dad, my sis, my bro-in law, and my neices and nephews. I'm sorry you're homesick. You do crack me up. I will have to tell my friends about rather being fat with good hair than skinny with bad hair. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Stop It!!!! You are cracking me up! I think the Texas aggie blog readers should see a picture of you in the granny dress. Lexie is cracking me up, too! She is getting so cute with her comments.

I see the stripes on my computer. weird, huh?

Anonymous said...

for the comment about the blogs, you can create the header in photoshop elements @ approximately 865 x 300 pixels and create buttons @ 150x100 @ 72 dpi with whatever digital kit you want to use. i haven't figured out how to do the patterns on the side or the continuous color down to the bottom of the blog yet. maybe between heather and me we can!!!! then we can all have FREE blogs that look good!!!!!

Kids and K9s said...

oh this is good... everyone needs a little honesty machine under three feet tall, right? I was like that when I was little... I told my grandma "fat and a little bit ugly!" (Oh... out of the mouth of babes.)

You're not fat by the way... but you DO have really good hair! I noticed that the first time I met you! ~ kim