Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Detergent Snob

I know you've been waiting for 3 long days for the Texas Aggie in Florida to make a blog entry, so naturally you're all thinking, "Wow, three days without an entry, she must be working on something REALLY good!" Well, sorry to disappoint. My life has been totally uneventful this week, which is a much welcomed change from last week.

Today, I was putting my 6th load of laundry, yes 6th out of 8, into the dryer. Oh did I mention that the laundry was all done on Friday, so 8 loads have accumulated since Friday. Someone please play the violin of sympathy for me! Anyways, as I reached down in the washer and came up with a big handful of crispy clean clothes, I couldn't help but notice how WONDERFUL they smelled. And I don't just mean in comparison to the ronchy odor they were when I put them in. But as far as detergents go, this was like WHEELS OFF awesome smelling aroma! And the difference you's TIDE! Yes, I have discovered I am a self proclaimed DETERGENT SNOB! There is just nothing like Tide y'all. For the first 7 years of my marriage I allowed Cary to buy whatever was on sale or whatever they sell at Sav A Lot, which isn't Tide, but a few weeks ago I convinced him to PLEASE let me return to the detergent of my youth. And there's just nothing quite like it. So ladies who aren't using Tide, the REAL DEAL detergent, drop those bottles or boxes of powder of whatever you use and run right out to get you some Tide. You won't regret it. I promise. Nothing cuts the stains like it either. I wouldn't steer you wrong. And for those of you who have ever been guests in my home and have been subjected to the smell of the "other" detergents on my sheets and towels, I'M SORRY! From now on, rest easy when you come to my house. May you be blessed by the Tide, original scent!

And just now, Ashton has added yet another load of laundry to my day. As I was sitting here typing she was in the bathroom washing her hands, or so I thought. Then I noticed a stream of water flowing into the dining room from the bathroom. She clogged the sink with toilet paper and has had the water going for a very long time. She was already dressed for church, but had to have another bath and another change of clothes, not the mention the 4 towels it took to dry the floor and the rugs which now need to be thrown in the washer. See, another load of laundry! She had put Olay body wash all over her clothes and hair and was "washing" up in the sink. Fun times these are!!!


tales_from_the_crib said...

we use tide free cause we are allergics to the pretty smells and dyes :(

kidnurse said...

boy, it seems to be that way with two doesn't it? well, at least is seems that way at our house. it seems with two, there is more for them to get into together and more for me to have to clean up behind!!!

Mel :-) said...

I know what you mean about the detergent, we are quite loyal to Tide too! :-)
My Girls would have so much fun with yours- playing in the sink and causing it to overflow is right up their alley!!! :-o

Dad said...

Hey Heather,
So this is how you leave comments. I had been wondering but hadn't taken the time to explore. I missed reading your blog last
Friday and really felt I was in the dark all weekend but Cary told me on the phone that you had not given your picks and I saw that this week when I looked. Really enjoy your blog. Nice way to keep up with what's going on. Especially glad you like the Tide so much. Rooooooll Tide, Roll. PS: Very sorry to hear that Coach Fran didn't work out. Love, Dad

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

For those who read Cary's dad's comment above, he's from ALABAMA, which is where Coach Fran came from, hence the ROLL TIDE joke. Had to explain that one! HA! Hillarious!

The Phams said...

I am self-professed detergent SNOB, too. Nothing compares to Tide. But I cannot afford it here. It is only sold in bulk and is like $30ish dollars, as compared to $15. YUK! I miss Tide! Enjoy it. Smell it for me. Poor some xtra in for the Phams.