Thursday, November 15, 2007

10 Things I Love About My Family

1. My husband is a GREAT cook!
2. Lexi is so tenderhearted and compassionate. Today, when I was trying to explain that Mommy was sick and needed to lay down (I really am, I wasn't just looking for an excuse to sleep) Lexi went to the refrigerator and got me a bottle of water, got a package of crackers out of the pantry and brought it all to me. Then stood over me on the couch and said, "Now I'm going to talk to Jesus for you Mommy and ask him to make you all better." (And in case your wheels are turning...NO I'M NOT PREGNANT! I think I may have the flu!!!!)
3. Ashton is such a cuddle bug. She has sat in my lap before for an ENTIRE college football game. She'd rather snuggle with me than to play.
4. My children are becoming very independent lately. HALLELUJAH! They both dress themselves (well Ashton tries, bless her heart). They bathe themselves, wash their own hair, Lexi can change diapers and dry her own hair, she's STILL poopooing on the potty (glory to God) and the last 2 days Lexi has buckled both girls into their carseats while I packed the diaper bag. Can I get an amen? You have no idea how happy this makes me. And I'm not the slightest bit remorseful that I no longer have a baby in the house! Praise God for big girls!!!!
5. I love it that my husband is my best friend and we adore one another, even after 2 kids, financial catastrophes, 7 years of marriage, and the fact that he made me leave Texas (booohoooohoooo).
6. I love Lexi's sense of humor and creativity.
7. Ashton is a girl of many faces...all of which make me laugh. And that teeny tiny naked butt streakin' through the house before bath stinkin' cute!!!!!
8. I love it that Lexi sings about Jesus 24 hours a day! She makes up her own praise and worship songs and sings them at the top of her lungs everywhere we go. Our little evangelist.
9. Oh, my dog, I can't believe I forgot about Candice till #9! I LOVE MY DOG! I love it that she wags her tail when she sees me even if I only left the room to go potty. There is just no other love like it! My sweet fur baby!!!!
10. And the best thing about my family...surely you knew you would see the words, "Aggie or Texas A&M" somewhere in this post right? I love it that my family is just as excited as I am about going to the Aggie games or watching them on T.V. I love it that Cary gets just as excited and mad as I do about Aggie sports. And the girls talk about AGGIES all the time! And sing the Aggie War Hymn in the car on the way to everywhere.

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