Saturday, November 3, 2007

Oh, Are the Aggies Playing Today?

Today has not been a normal college football Saturday in our house. During this time of year, I would have usually gotten up and cleaned house really fast so I could plop myself on the couch for the remainder of the day watching ESPN's college gameday and of course my Aggies, and flipping around to other notable games of the day. But not today. I don't know why I just feel like our season is over, it's like a balloon that gets stepped on (really hard) and flies around the room deflating all the way to the floor. That describes the Aggie football season in a nutshell. So no, honestly, I'm not real excited that the Ags are marching (or crawling) into Norman, Oklahoma today to take on the #6 ranked Sooners. Not real excited one bit. In fact, I just pray that they return all bones intact. Was it 3 years ago they beat us 77-0? It could be another one of those kind of days.

SO instead of sitting around wallowing in self pity I went garage sale-ing this morning. I got some toddler sized bunk beds just perfect for the girls and 6 new Disney movies. The bunk beds were brand new and had only been used for a youth retreat for a church. And the best part is that the whole $80 I paid for them went to the church and I got a tax deduction form for it! YEA ME! I can't wait to get the beds home and get them painted white. They are just the right size for the girls and for Lexi's small room. The top bunk isn't very tall at all and it has railings all the way around it so she can't fall out.

So now I guess I'll go make some lunch and do something besides watch college football. There aren't really any good games today other than Texas at Oklahoma State...GO COWBOYS! If the Aggies can't win tonight, I at least hope Texas gets spanked.

Are any of you other Aggies out there just as apathetic about tonight's game or is it just me? Cary asked me last night what time the Aggie game was today and I was like, "Huh, I dunno!" That's TOTALLY not like me at all!

Oh well, I'm still the proudest Aggie this side of the Mississippi, no matter how many games we win. I certainly didn't attend A&M for their outstanding football program. HA! And hey, basketball season is just days away! YEA! We're ranked #9 I believe!


Ashley said...

Just to let you know, Norman is only 30 minutes away from me and I had tickets to tonights game. I just thought, is it really worth it to go?? Normally I would never have asked that question but my 2 year old isn't feeling well so we decided to skip the game and just watch it on TV. Other years, I would have kissed my two year old good bye because I knew he would be in good hands with my brother but this year, it's just different!

I will totally be watching them on TV but it was just too much to make it down to Norman!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. This morning I worked and now I think I will go outside and enjoy the beautiful day in the yard. I will probably watch tonight, but if it gets bad, I am sorry, but I cannot stand to see them get rolled over. I will go to bed and get some much needed rest.

They had a garage sale next door for the past 2 days, and I wish I could have joined in. I need to get rid of some junk. The beds sound great. I am glad Ashton will be able to share a room with big sister.

17 More days until I get to see all my sweet girls.

Love ya,

The Phams said...

Great chatting with you today! You are a very special woman and I'm glad that God put you in my life - even thousands of miles away. :)


tales_from_the_crib said...

we suited up in our maroon, but it still just doesn't feel game-ish today...i should go watch cause we've got it tivo'd but it'll make me unhappy if we lose, and i think we could maybes...

David Campbell said...

In response to your comment on my blog, Emma would love to turn Jacob into her prince! She says that he is such a "great guy" that she can't wait to marry him:) Sweet, but weird. That will probably be the most uncomfortable wedding in history!!


Stephanie said...

I must feel the same way because I didn't even wash my only maroon maternity shirt. The only person in our house wearing an Aggie shirt was Caleb and he didn't get a choice in the matter. Lauren picked out her gray one when she woke up but changed clothes during her "nap." Also, I didn't even realize we have another game before t.u. I'm not a 2 %er but I'm definitely not as excited as I was even 2 weeks ago.