Monday, February 18, 2008

Ways My Girls Are Like Me...

I was thinking yesterday of some of the things my girls and I have in common. Here are a few things I came up with. Ashton is just now starting to show her true self, so I'm just now kind of figuring her out.

-Loves ANYTHING Aggie! WHOOP! As soon as we got in Texas, she started asking if we could go see the Aggies. Now that's my girl!
-She loves her bling. Never leaves the house or goes to sleep without her jewels. What can I say? The apple didn't fall far from the tree.
-The girl loves her a good meal. She likes to eat.
-Very perceptive about people and situations. She reads people well, especially non-verbal cues, and has very good directional sense. (She got that from me!!!)
-LOVES animals of all sorts.
-Sleeps little, wakes up instantly. And once she's awake, she's awake! That's me.
-Very creative.
-Very musically inclined. Makes up songs and they actually make sense mucically speaking. Can hear a song once and not hear it for months or even a year, then all the sudden start singing it, ON PITCH, with the correct words. Sometimes she'll hear a song once, not hear it for a long time, then when we do hear it again she'll say, "Mom, remember this song from that day when we were in the car going to Home Depot and you were wearing your butterfly shirt and I was wearing my heart shirt..." You get the idea. CRAZY! Scary! But I'm like that too, so I guess I'm crazy scary!
-Very intuituve and in touch with her spiritual side (Christians call this the gift of prophecy)-We both can know something's going to happen before it happens. Or know what each other is thinking. Or know what others are thinking.

-Will sit still for hours watching football but can't sit through a movie to save her life. We're two of a kind!
-Loves to cuddle.
-Very creative.
-Drama queen. At least I'm not in denial that she gets this from me.
-LOVES Mexican food. (The spicier, the better)
-Says thank you a lot. I guess that's a good word to know huh? I say it like 100 times a day I think.
-Loves coke!
-She may be tiny but the girl can pack away some food!
-Loves to clean. I think I've created a monster.


Mel :-) said...

That's so neat! My Girls are following in my accessory-loving footsteps, don't you love having mini-MEs?? Best thing about having girls! :-)

Anonymous said...

Mel....I love the mini MEs. I can see Heather in both of these girls. I was telling a friend today how I feel like I am reliving 30 years ago. They are both so special in their special way.

Lexi is much like her Mom it is scary. I watch her in AH, and never know what is coming out of her mouth. She has blossomed this last year in so many ways. She is smart just like her Mom. She promises me that she will never be to old to love me.

Ashton is an angel...such a blessing. Her being tiny is just physical, she has the biggest personality and the sweetest spirit. She is going to make a difference is this world.

What can I say...I am a proud Granny and Mom. I love all my girls.