Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our Valentines

We made our valentine's today. Ashton's party is tomorrow and Lexi's is on Wednesday. And after like an hour and 100 pictures, I finally got 3 decent ones to share with you of our prized valentines. (Side note: When the digital camera setting is on AUTOMATIC, doesn't that mean it is supposed to "think" for you??? Like use the flash if needed, don't use the flash if not needed??? Is this mind boggeling to anyone else or is it just me???)

Here is a pic of Ashton's as it appeared before I cut it and put it on the baggie.
This was Lexi's before I cut it and put it on the baggie.


It says, "I'm sweet on you Valentine! Love, Ashton". I know you can't read that because apparently "automatic" on the camera does NOT mean the camera thinks for you and makes your pictures AUTOMATICALLY perfect.

And I can't take full credit for these. My friend Kristi C. (mom2iande) emailed me the digital scrapbooking site where I downloaded these from. Then I put them in photoshop and inserted the pictures and text. Aren't they so yummy cuteness???

Here's the website: . Or if you're really desperate, just tell me to make one for your child/children and I'll email you a copy. I don't want my $3.95 download to go to waste! (Is this illegal???) There are a gazillion different templates on my download, not just this one above. I can do "manly" ones too!


Ashley said...

Those are super cute!

mom2iande said...

Those are are reminding me that I need to do that UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do think they are cute. I also got the ones from Shabby Miss Jenn for the mint tins (only for the grandparents).

I took the "valentines photos" last week and hope they come out!!!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable you Super mom you!
I got the $1.50 ones from Walmart. :)

Mel :-) said...

Those are too cute!! Love them! My Girls are just taking the plain old Dora ones...but there is a sucker attached- that dresses it up a little, right?!? ;-)

tales_from_the_crib said...

cool...but a little girlies...
plused i don't eats candies yet.

Jonatha said...

Those are really cute! Craft mom that I am - we cut fold-able hearts out of construction paper. Wow. Yours blew mine away!

{ Kiddos & K9s } said...

really cute... I'm coming to YOU for ideas ... I bet all moms thru fits over those... really - good job! ~ kim

P.S. had to add you to my "friends" list now that I see that you're public on your blog... (o:

Anonymous said...

This was the best Valentine I ever got. I will never eat these M&M's. As Lexi says "I love it"