Friday, February 29, 2008

Tutu Cute!

So this is my latest project. We'll call it, "Project Tutu Cute". My friend Kristi (mom2iande) turned me on to these adorable tutus that you can buy for the bargain price of $45!!! Yes, but since money doesn't grow on trees I decided making a tutu cannot be rocket science. So I got on this site and downloaded the no-sew instructions, and voila...for about $8 you can make these adorable things! It only took 2 hours to make this first one. This was my practice run. I want to buy some embellishments to go on this one, but didn't want to spend the money until I knew for sure that I was actually capable of doing something domestic. (On a side-note, last night as I sat in front of my computer watching the video demonstration, I had a needle and thread in hand and was sewing together the elastic waistband when Cary walked by and I said, "Hey, does this turn you with a needle and thread?" He just laughed and told me, "Go put on an apron...Woman!") Let's just say, Martha Stewart-I am NOT!
So back to the tutus, you may be wondering why on earth would I choose to start making tutus. Well, Lexi wanted a princess party for her birthday and I talked her into a compromising Ballerina Princess party. SO...I am handmaking tutus for ALL OF THE GUESTS as their party favors. The one here in the pic is lavendar and is actually a size 6, so it's a bit big on Ashton. I am going to make all different colored ones and of course the birthday girls' tutus will be extra fancy and special. Lexi's birthday is March 25th and Ashton's is March 26th so this is a joint party.
The only problem I have run into is that they have some really close friends who are boys. And this appears to be coming together as an all girl party. Any ideas on ways I could incorporate boys??? I don't want anyone to feel excluded, but it's kind of difficult when tutus are involved.


Ashley said...

Since it's a part princess party, you can make them little felt swords and they can be "prince charming" Or, you can buy some plastic ones but that could be dangerous if the party is at your house! No telling WHAT boys will break with those things!

There are some websites if you google either pirate or prince costume and they will tell you how to make swords!

OR, you can make them some crowns for a prince. You can go to Burger King and pick up some for free and just decorate them with jewels and just cover up the little "Burger King" sign on the front with either a picture of themselves or some jewels or something.

Just an idea, hope this helps!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Cute idea Ash, except that it's really more of a ballet party. Their ballet teacher is coming to do a 30-45 minute ballet class. Before the "class" I'm going to have a little make-up station set up where they can get sparkly faces and lipgloss. And the tables are going to be set with white table cloths and pink boas with little rhinstone sparklies scattered about. I've already bought REAL tiarras for the birthday girls. Cary is building me a ballet wall with the little mirror and bar to set up for pictures in their fancy tutus. We're going to play pin the tutu on the ballerina! Yeah, okay, so this is really totally a girl party. The more I type out my ideas, the more I'm realizing that boys really won't want to have anything to do with this party.

Ashley said...

yeah, I don't think boys would have the greatest time at this party. Think of it more as you're doing them a favor by not inviting them! I think the mom's would appreciate it too! I don't know what would be worse, the look on the boys faces when they see the type of party...or if the boys actually wanted to participate in all the girl stuff and put the tutus on, make up on, tiaras on, and join in the ballet dancing!!

I think you're better off with an all girls party!

Mel :-) said...

Those are amazing!! So adorable! I too am thinking that you should keep it all girls for the reasons you have mentioned! What a fun party that will be for all the little ballerinas!!! :-D

Rhonda said...

I want to come to the fancy ballerina party! :)

BY THE WAY, woman... where are the pics you have promised us. Particularly of the new house?

mom2iande said...

How about pirates...a pirate/princess party....just like Disney? After going to Disney in December I thought of that for a boy girl party and especially after finding the tutu site.

Katy said...

i vote for an all girls party. My step son is in kindergarten. One of the girls in his class had a princess party and did not invite the boys. This is frowned upon at their private school. My husband was a little irritated, but I understand. Boys are boys and girls are girls! Do whatever makes all of you happy!

Anonymous said...

Can I come? Can I come? I love tutus!!
Love, Emma

and Sarah

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

I just had a little brainstorm (yes it hurt). What I might do is on their actual birthday have just a pizza/cupcake thing at the park and invite their friends who are boys to that. That way, no one is left out. That's pretty easy, low key, doesn't involve much prep. I don't think I could handle two over-the-top parties!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

I mean, do the pizza/cupcake thing on their actual birthday (March 25 or 26) and still have the ballerina girl party on April 5th like planned.

mom2iande said...

I went to the tutu site....very it!

Having a boy and girl with birthdays a day apart (like yours), I have even thought of having a birthday party that was PINK and BLUE...have the girls in our dining room doing PINK things and the boys in our breakfast room doing BLUE things. The "Pinkalicious" book gave the idea for a party like that. Of course, I would need to find a boys book similar. The books would be part of the party favors, tutus, & crowns. (such a cute book) There would even be two cakes -- PINK & BLUE.

I like the cupcake/park idea on their birthdays ;o)

These tutu's just make you want to put them on little girls. Huh? Mine even wears hers to church sometimes on Wednesday nights and spins around ;o)

Anonymous said...

CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! That is better than any tutu we tried to buy. Ashton is a beautiful ballerina!

You did a great job. I know you are going to have a great time making these.

I do not think boys would like a ballerina party. Just do cupcakes at school for the boys and maybe take cupcakes to one of their church activities that way you catch them all and no one feels like they have to bring gifts, but they get to celebrate their birthday with all their friends.