Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We're in the Big D and WOWsers! Didn't know how much I missed it until I got here. Okay, well that's not completely true. And the things I took for granted...Let's start with something I DON'T miss..To my Floridian friends, you don't know what REAL traffic is. I've been to Orlando during "rush hour". Yeah. That's not traffic. Be thankful! Orlando traffic means moving slowly and getting somewhere. Dallas traffic means sitting in a car that might as well be turned off and beating your head against something to keep from cussing. Now the food...THAT...I have missed. So far, I've eaten at Mamacita's in New Braunfels, Saltgrass Steakhouse, Jason's Deli, Taco Cabana, Abuelo's, and a few other places that we do have in Florida. Tomorrow I'm going to Double Dave's and Red Robin. WOOHOO! Food, glorious food. I also shopped SAM MOON'S!!!! Got the cutest pink purse you've ever laid eyes on and a cute pink watch to match. Is there any place on earth quite like Sam Moon's??? The shopping center in Frisco where Sam Moon's is located could have its own zip code. It probably does. That place is HUGE. I felt like I needed a map to navigate through the parking lot. Unbelievable! I've seen wonderful friends, whom I have missed terribly. But perhaps the HIGHLIGHT of this time in the Big D was this evening. Cary is in town for a pastor's conference at our old church, Fellowship Church. Tonight we went to the worship service and holy freakin cow! I was so blown away. I even got my picture made with our former pastor, Ed Young (who is pretty famous in the "pastor world".) I still watch him on T.V. every Sunday morning while I'm getting ready for church, and I also listen to him online every week. LOVE HIM! When we pulled up in the church parking lot, Lexi said "Are we at the mall?" That place is huge.

But I have to say, I am missing the wonderful Florida weather. It hasn't been cold here. Just kind of blah. And I can't wait to get back and move into my NEW HOUSE!

Oh and if anyone in FL is reading, please ask Chris B. how my dog is doing. Make sure he's taking good care of her. Tell him I will be giving her a full mental health evaluation when I get home. I miss her terribly!


Kim said...

Traffic in Orlando drives me nuts! I cannot imagine living in a place where I would want to beat my head on the steering wheel waiting on a highway somewhere. Keep from cussing? Who am I kidding? Birmingham has less traffic than Orlando and Jackson has much less traffic than Birmingham! And I go crazy in B'ham traffic!

Anonymous said...

Now Kim - you are in denial about Birmingham traffic. There is nothing like driving down 280 between 4 and 7 pm. or I-459 down near the mall. At least in "O" there are ways to get around the traffic. Although I have been spoiled by traffic jams in "SC" - they last at least 30 minutes.


Rhonda said...

Howdy! I want to go to Sam Moon's and Fellowship Church. How can I get to Dallas again now that you guys have moved? Hmm... :) Love you! Ya'll have fun.

Lisa said...

You were spittin' distance from me! I live about 10 minutes from the Frisco 121/Preston area! Glad you are enjoying the food too, but bummer about the traffic. Thankfully since I'm a SAHM I don't have to deal with it much!

Oh and I love Fellowship Church. We visited the branch in Plano a couple times and really liked it, but had a hard time watching the sermon on the tv and not live. Just something to get use to I guess. Anyway, we found a little bit smaller church that we are really happy with.

Anyway, have a good time the rest of your trip!